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The difference is likely your cartridges. Either the self-loadable cartridges you are using or the way you are closing them up causes the film to bind or take more force to pull out. Some self-loadable cartridges were notoriously tricky to close up just right. When you got it wrong, you got light leaks and/or excessive film friction. Try experimenting in ...


Having read the other comments- it appears that the problem could be with rewinding in your camera. Unlike pre-loaded film, bulk film doesn't stop at a predictable point when you reach the end of the roll. When you hit the end of your roll, you could also be accidental pulling the film away from a sprocket. The film can then catch on this sprocket and damage ...


Has the diopter adjustment dial on the back of the viewfinder been moved? If everything was clear to your eyes before moving it will make everything in the viewfinder blurry to your eyes. To adjust it simply look through the viewfinder and turn it until everything in the viewfinder display (focus points, exposure information, etc.) is sharp. You may have ...

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