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Yes. The shutter is jamming, i.e. not opening/closing fully. It "probably" will need servicing. I had this happen recently on holiday, after I dropped it. The shutter went out of alignment, Which I could see with the lens removed. But with the help of a table knife, and gentle pushing, I was able to free it. It seems to be OK since, but TRY AT YOUR OWN ...


As others have hinted at here, if you examine the picture of your damaged film you'll notice that: 1) The tears run left-to-right in the direction that the camera winds-on. 2) The damage appears to only be on the bottom sprocket holes, which line up with the teeth of the sprocket on your camera. 3) Since there are no problems with mis-fed frames (you'd ...


As Hugo says, the amount of effort required to get at the aperture blades varies hugely from lens to lens, with more modern lenses (i.e. autofocus) being typically somewhat more difficult than (for example) most large format lenses, which often don't even require tools. However, to answer your question directly you can often (depending on the lens) do a ...


I was doing this with a <1mW laser on my iPhone 6 camera and now I have a few dead pixels. Don't do it!!


Don't have it repaired if they will not offer a warranty on the repair - sea water is extremely corrosive and they might be able to get it working only for it to fail days or weeks later. It would help if you could tell use the repair cost. EDIT - 280USD for the repair - how much for the used 1100D?


The T3 is a very basic entry level camera. As you progress in your photography you might find that it is missing some features that you will want to use. I would not spend any money repairing it as it will be cheaper to buy a used one. My advice is to buy a used 500D/T2i, 550D/T3i, or even 600D/T4i. Just get whatever you can afford. These cameras have ...

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