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I have two old lenses that I knocked down causing dented filter ring. Both were attached to camera body. One was a 2ft drop onto a soft flooring, one was a 1/2 ft knock to a basin, when I was hanging the camera on my shoulder. Both lenses are still functionally intact.


It doesn't sound like you have done very extensive testing yet to see if you can determine if the camera is working as it should on your own. I would try this before sending it in as it may save you the trouble. See: How can I test whether my camera is working after it was dropped? What should I look out for when buying a second-hand DSLR body? How can I ...


How much time has passed since you bought the lens? How do you know it was damaged through shake? Is it noticeable externally? If it looks damaged on the outside you may forget your warranty. If not, activate the warranty and wait for a free repair. I guess it's always repairable, since they can fully replace the lens' motor. It only depends how much you ...

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