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When using a dSLR or mirrorless camera in video mode, the mechanical shutter is opened once then the electronic shutter is used until until you stop recording. Video mode places actually less wear and tear on the shutter by far for the amount of time used than ordinary photography.


The other answers address your concerns, but let me expand upon an important aspect of point four, carrying the tripod over your shoulder with the camera attached. By carrying your camera like this, you are relying upon the head or quick release to be secure enough to hold the camera securely. With a quick release system you need to be confident in the ...


Overall it sounds like you are a bit overly concerned. The specifics of what a tripod is designed to handle depend a lot on the particular tripod, but in general, they are designed to hold weights up vertically and stable for extended periods of time. Your first case is exactly what a tripod is designed to do. As long as the weight of the item does not ...


1: this is what tripods are designed to do 2: you're worried about standing a tripod on its legs? 3: the legs will naturally loosen a little with use, so this isn't unexpected 4: is risky because, especially with a ball head, the camera can slip out of position and hit the tripod itself (the risk is to the camera more than the tripod). There is also a ...


In a scenario like this, I would try and mitigate the risk of mount deformation by using a sling strap that secures to the tripod mount (something like a Black Rapid strap), but fasten it to a tripod collar on the lens rather than the one on the camera. This will maintain the best balance of weight, and I personally find sling straps much more comfortable.


I LOVE this product. It will not damage coatings, I've been using these for years. Be sure to use the right one - there's some for filters and some for lenses. I don't honestly know the difference. The product just works, so I haven't really researched it a lot. For major cleanings I do what's listed in Michael's answer with lens ...

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