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I grew up in/around my parents electronics repair business and can tell you Yes I've encountered water damage (many times) and no, it's not fixable. Even if it were fixable by a professional the repair would cost would be more than purchasing a second-hand replacement. It's now too late and the damage is done but your best bet would have been to ...


Nowadays camera batteries are (almost) invariably LiIon (Lithium Ion). There may be a very few specialised exceptions. LiIon capacity falls as you approach 0 C - it's not that they discharge quickly as such, but that the capacity falls. LiIon is unlikely to suffer permanent damage under charge or discharge down to 5 degrees C. Discharge is safe down to ...


It doesn't discharge very quickly. Li-ion and other batteries actually increases the internal resistance and makes it discharge slowly. As for your question, while keeping the battery on low temperatures can decrease capacity for some times. I don't think that it'll permanently damage your pack. You'll just have to recharge it again in "room temperature". ...

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