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Don't have it repaired if they will not offer a warranty on the repair - sea water is extremely corrosive and they might be able to get it working only for it to fail days or weeks later. It would help if you could tell use the repair cost. EDIT - 280USD for the repair - how much for the used 1100D?


The T3 is a very basic entry level camera. As you progress in your photography you might find that it is missing some features that you will want to use. I would not spend any money repairing it as it will be cheaper to buy a used one. My advice is to buy a used 500D/T2i, 550D/T3i, or even 600D/T4i. Just get whatever you can afford. These cameras have ...


If the bag is subject to enough force to damage the hood, then I'd be worried for the lens/camera. There should be no problem leaving the hood on, however it can take up a lot more space. For this reason most hoods can be reversed for storage. If they can't be reversed, I often take the hood off and place it loose around the lens for extra protection.


For a camera battery, the best advice is possibly to just not worry about the battery. Charge it when convenient or when you require it - simple as that. As Count Iblis has stated, lithium batteries do not suffer from a "memory effect" - if anything, a complete discharge would be worse than charging when full. The optimum charge level for storage is around ...


Lithium batteries are almost free of memory effects, what will degrade the performance of the battery over time are build up of chemicals due to irreversible chemical reactions. If the battery is charged or discharged close to or beyond 100% charge state or close to or below 0% charge state, then you'll get a lot more of the irreversible chemical reactions ...


if you are using AA or AAA batteries, I suggest you look for a charger with maintenance functions, it costs about 30~50 $ but it makes your batteries last and younger :) this is not the model I have but you may look at the features

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