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The whole socket on my 5D3 Came away today. It popped out of the body whilst I was adjusting a tripod head. I use a Black Rapid shoulder strap. I can only assume that has weakened it over time. Just glad I had it in my hands at the time.


A broken shutter is a repair-depot problem. You won't be able to fix it yourself (or quickly). It'll have to go to the manufacturer. your best bet is to get it into the manufacturer to get a quote on the repair, and to look into renting a body for the upcoming event from one a rental place (I normally use borrowlenses.com, but also like lensrental.com) I ...


Laser pointers for presentations are typically in the 5 mW range. Lasers used in concerts are substantially stronger (10-10000x). Those have been shown to permanently damage a digi cam sensor (usually straight burn lines across the entire sensor). I haven't done any tests, but can't imagine sensors being damaged by small laser pointers. Given @Menace's post ...


Unfortunately unless you can fix the problem yourself, the repair will likely end up around as (or even more) expensive as a second hand lens of the same type. The 18-55 mm kit lenses are abundant since they come with the kits that people getting into DSLR photography are buying. When they upgrade their lenses they sell these lenses at low prices.


If the mark is on the rear element it may cause additional flare in the lens. You won't notice it except when taking photographs toward a bright light source in or near the field of view. In any case though the number of lens surfaces in this design is probably quite large (it's a zoom lens!) so one would expect some flare in any case. Should this ...

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