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Yes. It is possible to damage a camera from a fall from any height or even just bumping in to something too hard. It isn't particularly likely, but can happen. There doesn't have to be visible or significant damage either. Momentum of internal lens elements during a fall can result in knocking things slightly out of alignment which could result in slight ...


Consider getting a quote from Steven Lee, Camera Hospital, Beencoolen street, Singapore - Camera hospital website here I have personally sent cameras and lenses from NZ for Steven to repair, so this option is possibly a viable one for you. He's good, honest, friendly (although sometimes little spoken) and about as cheap as you'll get. Slow freight both ...


Unless you can do it yourself there are no cheap lens repairs. It takes the same amount of time and expertise to disassemble, repair, and reassemble a cheap lens as it does to do so with an expensive one. With regards to repairing an existing lens, the only difference is the quality of the glass and other parts that the lens is made of. If replacement parts ...

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