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Shoot the person in the shade or on an overcast day and if you are using Lightroom you can use the clarity slider and sharpening slider to bring out the texture in the face. Personally, this looks like it is overdone.


I'm a little picky on the use of the word "Effect" I would use the word "look". In my opinion the main things you see on that look are: Sharpness- If you zoom on the hair in the mustache you can see a white halo arround the black hair. That indicates me that it has somehow an exagerated sharpness filter. The local contrast- Local contrast is not the ...


Is this a post-process filter or can you get this look by only playing with camera options? This sounds like you are only considering the photography side of this image. But there is very likely makeup involved, which plays a just as important role. Even if you know how the lights are set up and what gear to use, getting the same result certainly also ...


The lighting is from the sides, which you can tell from the highlights on his face, and lack of catchlights in his eyes. The light brushing across the face from the sides creates shadows in all the pores and accentuates them (as opposed to front-on lighting, used in fashion shots, that fills the pores with light, removes shadows and hides them). Another ...

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