Alley in Pisa, Italy

by Lars Kotthoff

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Make a copy of the layer below the one with the lens flare and move it to the top. Change the blending mode to "difference". Then select the layer mask of the lens flare layer and do Apply Image, layer = Merge, channel = RGB, blending = normal. Now delete the "difference" layer that you just created. You'll probably want to use Curves on the mask. In case ...


The easiest way is to create a new layer and put the lens flare in the new layer and blend it with the photo. That way you don't even have to mask it and can work on the lens flare alone and toggle it on and off to easily review the effect of the lens flare. The second half of this video describes such a method in an educational way.


It looks like a normal image taken with the subject laying down in the sand. It doesn't appear anything special was done at all.


This question is an enormous can of worms, in a good way. Of course, different people will have different understandings of what makes a "good" photograph. But this judgement will be based on the specific knowledge the person has, cultural expectations, and where the judgement is located historically. A "wedding" photographer and an art historian will have ...


I say for purely evaluating quality of a photograph exposure is the only measure. Oh... and resolution. But without considering the subject this can get silly... I can make a perfectly exposed image of a pitch black night sky or I could create a portrait with beautiful bokeh that completely covers my subjects face. So, for viewer enjoyment (if you want ...


You can't really rank them in any meaningful way because each photo is different and will have a different ranking. That being said, the ones I can think of off hand are: composition, good exposure, global contrast, local contrast, sharpness, saturation, depth of field, color balance, and noise.

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