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I see several things to improve on in these images: light quality, motion blur, and f/stop The light on your subject is very diffused and non-directional. Find more directional light. In other words, light that casts some kind of shadow. You're not stopping down enough. Try f/8 or f/11 These images suffer from slight camera shake. Use a tripod. Also, if ...


Your first image is just out-of-focus a bit. All your images show shallow depth-of-field. Also, you are photographing flowers seemingly pretty much close-up. You also have low light. This makes focusing pretty hard by itself. Neither the kit lens, nor the 35 mm f/1.8 is macro-capable, so their performance degrades in this situation. Since you have not ...


No guarantees, but start with this. The first photo seems to be sharp nowhere but closest to in focus at lower middle on the flower bases (petals gone)(name escapes me). If you get that when focusing is as sharp as you can get and you have checked that this is so you "have problems". But the other photos suggest that this one was just not properly focused. ...

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