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I recall one of the Canon reps giving a talk at B&H (the talk is on Youtube, but I'm not sure which one; probably the 5DIII/1DX videos) and he addresses the weather sealing. His advice was that it's weather "sealing" and not weather "proofing" so if you need a jacket, so does your camera. Personally, it doesn't matter. This is a somewhat useless feature ...


I use Canon Cameras and at first, I was also in the same dilemma as you. That is until I went shooting with a client in what I considered heavy rain. He just went ahead popped his camera and started shooting, leaving me find shelter. later he explained what I had witnessed, the benefits of the Weather Seal. However, we must remember, these seals are ...


No, this isn't a huge deal. Aside from the 1x00D series, other Canon camera models that did not have the sensor-shake/cleaning feature include: 1Ds, 1DsMkII, 1D, 1DMkII, 5D (classic), 10D, 20D, 30D, 300D (Rebel), and 350D (XT). I shot with the 350D (it was my first dSLR) for four years, I changed lenses like a mad thing, often forgetting (gasp! horror!) to ...

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