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A number of programs can find duplicates based on image contents. Some asset management apps will do it and there are also dedicated programs. If you Google 'detect duplicate images' you'll see quite a few options. See which ones are available for your platform. Another solution is to simply import the files with the 'ignore duplicate option'. Picasa, which ...


ImageMagick to the rescue. I think the first step to any solution is to reduce the size of your collection. If you want to compare the photos by its content, especially when some are slightly modified versions of one another, a very good start is to reduce them to thumbnails and then compare the thumbnails. This is particular helpful when you want to find ...


Picasa has a duplicate file finder but it's hard to tell what you are looking at: Run Picasa; click Tools > Experimental > Show Duplicate Files. It works but be careful about what you are deleting. Another option is the free "Fast Duplicate File Finder": Fast Duplicate File Finder What I liked about this is it allows to you preview the picture before ...


The open source photo viewer / organizer Geeqie has a powerful Find Duplicates Feature. It can use several different strategies for finding duplicates: File name (case sensitive or insensitive) File size File date Image dimensions MD5 checksum. Similar image content (to several thresholds) This gives a results list which can include thumbnails so you can ...


If the duplicates are virtual copies, you can use a library filter to view only the copies. Then select the results and delete.


Acdsee is a simple/popular photo browsing app that has this feature (Tools -> Find duplicates).


There is a little utility called "fdupes" that may do what you wish? There is also another utility called "fslint" that you might want to try out too. (This one has a GUI).


Whilst I can't recommend this personally, I did stumble across this Lightroom Plugin the other day:


My go-to method of finding exact dupes is this command line on windows with cygwin or linux. find /path/to/files/ -name "*.file-extension" -exec md5sum -b {} \; |sort|uniq -w 32 -c|sort -n The bottom of the list will show the dupe md5 hashed with the path to the first instance of the file. You can find all copies of that file with: find /path/to/files/ ...


dupeGuru Picture Edition is a customisable duplicate image finder for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. There's a few versions of dupeGuru (standard, music & picture editions), and the picture edition allows you to find visually similar images via a bitmap blocking comparison algorithm, among other methods (like EXIF original image timestamp, or the files ...


For Linux, try FSlint. It's a bit slow, but it will definitely find duplicates.

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