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Dslr have mirrors that needs to be flipped up when taking the photo so they tend to be on the loud side. You've locked yourself out of quite some options by using the term dslr in the question. Outside dslrs, you have: Leaf shutter cameras are very quiet. But the shutter would be inside the lens, not the camera, so the lens is usually not interchangable. ...


Here are some suggestions as to how to approach your problem: Clean out the contacts within the card slot, if dirty — This can be done using compressed air, or very gentle work with pliers or q-tips with some cleaning alcohol based detergent Try smaller and/or slower sd-cards — sd-cards comes in different classes/sizes, your camera might have difficulties ...


Canon now makes two pancake lenses for the EOS mount. Both are just slightly wider than "normal", f/2.8, metal builds, and come with the STM focus motor. Both have reviewed quite well for sharpness and overall image quality; see the-digital-picture.com reviews for the 40/2.8 and the 24/2.8. The EF 40mm f/2.8 STM is for full-frame cameras. The EF-S 24mm ...


When both APS-C and a full frame have a lens that caters for both having the same angle of view it results in both having different perspective even though having the same angle in horizontal sense. It means that if the full frame has a 50mm, which is the focal length for viewing perspective as the human eye does, the APS-C will need smaller focal length to ...


There is nothing technical stopping DSLRs from having internal storage (in fact, they already have a small amount). One reason for not including internal storage would be that it cannot be replaced, both in the short term (once the memory is full) and in the long term (once the memory, which would most probably be flash memory, starts to fail). Having the ...

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