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It's called "Nisen Bokeh" and is mainly due to the lens design (though the background plays a part, it's possible to "provoke" this effect with any lens with the right background). Overcorrected spherical aberration (blur disks which are brighter in the periphery than the centre) is usually to blame. It's showing up more often with the A7 due to the use of ...


Salt water is certainly one of the easiest way to destroy a camera. The salt can cause corrosion which is impossible to undo. I would avoid connecting anything to it as an internal short-circuit can damage the other item. Something similar happened to me once where flash reader fell. I wanted to see if it still works, so I put in a Compact Flash card which ...


Correct, Nikon's low-end DSLRs have no top LCD and only a single command dial. Modern LCDs and interfaces really don't offer anything to make those features less important; it's simply a cost-cutting move. It might be worth noting that the D70 was not a low-end DSLR; the model progression in that line is D70, D70s, D80, D90, D7000, D7100.


At this point, probably, the best bet would have been to submerge it completely in distilled water after the initial incident and then place it in either dry rice or with a bunch of silica gel packets after to suck out the moisture. The point of the distilled water is to remove any salt or other mineral deposits that might cause damage and then the dry rice ...


There are none. While there is an increasing minority of cameras that charge via USB, this is thankfully not the case for most cameras. Internal charging is annoying because you cannot use the camera and charge the battery at the same time, at least not further than a few feet away from a USB port. Many seriously high-end cameras even come with charger than ...


This is a personal choice based on how much you value the features. Go over the specifications, read the reviews, then decided. No one here can make that decision for you.


The main thing you've missed is that the D70 was not an entry level model when it was current. It was a mid-level enthusiast model that has evolved into the current D7100 which does offer dual control dials and top of body LCD. At the time the D70 was comparable to the mid-level Canon 20D and 30D, not the entry level Canon Rebel series. Although Canon had ...


Your camera and lens are almost certainly beyond repair. For future reference, here is my approach. It's happened a few times with various items of electronic equipment. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. "All care, no responsibility". Remove all batteries and other power source immediately. You have seconds at best in most cases. A main LiIon battery must ...

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