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You can save DNG if you want, but you can also save RAW+XMP. (which would take significantly less space than RAW+DNG) To export your Lightroom adjustments to an XMP sidecar file, either automatically or manually on demand, see here: 1.Choose Edit > Catalog Settings (Windows) or Lightroom > Catalog Settings (Mac OS). 2.Click the Metadata tab, and then ...


Both I suggest. Each contains unique data that is not preserved in the other. RAW has fine graduation detail, the edited version has your work invested in it. Also make more than one archive copy, keep on separate media in different physical locations.


This accounts for nonlinearity in human perception of brightness. This page, citing Williamson & Cummins (1983), explains: In considering this question we can replace "reflectance" with "exposure." Note that the response curve has a roughly constant slope for all but the darkest range.


I found that the recording of the darkest areas was itself nonlinear. The blacks taper off giving a much larger range, with bigger steps between each value. My experiment was done many years ago, but that might (still) be an inherent property of the sensor technology. (That would mean that a well has a harder time registering a hit when it is empty)


I don't think there's any way around the issue of the larger DNG file size causing more issues with backups, since any change to the image's metadata/processing instructions will write out the entire file again. However, you can create a .xmp sidecar file from a DNG file with exiftool: exiftool -xmp -b -w xmp <path_containing_dngs> And, in fact, if ...


Option 3 check option: Catalog Settings/Metadata/ automatically write changes into XMP select your Master DNG file & create a snapshot labelled: Master select your Virtual Copy & create a snapshot labelled: Virtual Copy If you return to your Master DNG file, you will see that the Virtual Copy snapshot is added to the Master & can be called ...

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