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Do you have any of these 200-500mm lenses? One simple piece of equipment which can greatly improve your images is a so called "Barn Door Tracker". It's a very cheap to make and will allow you relative accurate tracking over long periods of time, depending on which type you build. There are several ways to build them and you can even build one motorized. ...


You should know that the big astronomical observatories sport giant telescopes that are actually telephoto lenses for specialized cameras. That being said, you can mount most any camera to binocular or telescope. Mounts and clamps are available on the web that clamp most any camera (with its exiting lens) to the eyepiece of common telescopes. This position ...


You could certainly adapt it with a step-down ring. But you would be obscuring the outer part of the lens. This will be less of an issue at 50mm rather than 17mm and at narrower apertures. You will have to try it and see. Stepping rings are cheap: ...


According to this dpreview thread, you can just get a replacement rubber replacement ring on eBay/Amazon and pull off the old one and pull the new one on. It's simply friction fit, so it's basically just like playing with a big rubber band; no need to disassemble the lens. It doesn't look like they're original Nikon parts, but for the low cost and high ...

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