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Just my opinion, but it's not worth the possible damage you could do for half a stop. I don't think you'd break the mirror, but it's apparently at least partially made of plastic and has coatings on it. And those you might damage. You could also affect focus alignment. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. This Youtube video demonstrates ...


When not using my camera backpack, I put each lens, and the camera body in separate pouches. This provides great protection for each piece, but also provides the ability to spread the load around your pack. Camera gear is quite heavy and dense, and keeping a camera body and connected lens on the top of a backpack can cause it to be uncomfortable. Example ...


I hike with cameras a lot, most DSLRs are much more robust than most people think, and providing you protect the lens surfaces you normally don't need much to keep it safe. Padding Put the camera away from hard edged items, most hiking gear is soft, there's no point in carrying extra weight for padding, when you'll already have some spare clothes in you ...


For all those looking for the same information I found the parts drawing here

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