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Please check out Angstrom Precision Optics. Our website is We currently have over 125 different types of filter glass material in house. The advantage of buying the material from APO is that we have the capabilities to fabricate just about size and shape parts that you may need. We are located in the US. Thank you, John J. OHerron General ...


You could, in a REALLY amateur method pick up black paperboard and precisely cut out a circle in the center to obtain a smaller aperture, but of course this is a really rough way and no high quality at all can be expected. The cut paperboard, if it is thin enough and the outer circle is cutt precisely, can be placed inside the bottom of the lens between the ...


For a really insensitive paper, try blueprint paper photography or diazo paper photography. These sheets are comparatively inexpensive and are available in large sizes. You can even make blueprint paper yourself. See this on the blueprint process. And do post your images!

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