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My CP has a mark from the manufacturer but I don't pay it any attention. I rotate it until I like the effect then shoot. Experimenting with my Highly Scientificâ„¢ method, I point it at my computer screen with the mark at 0 degrees top I see a bright screen. Rotating so the mark is at 90 degrees has the strongest effect. Without this mark would I be able to ...


A cheap laser pointer that had tips that make a pretty pattern rather than a dot would present a target to focus on in a similar way to the assist lamp, for about a buck. You need to control it manually though. Hack the switch to make a momentary button in a convenient location as you hold the camera, and mount the laser to a "shoe" plate (or scrap of thin ...


The most important number here is angle of view. That tells you where the rectangular pyramid of light that gets to the camera sensor intersects with the edges of the lens hood. The common "petal" lens hood shape comes from this pyramid. You can imagine in the design of such a hood that they build an overly-long round lens hood, then project this pyramid ...

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