Westminster fountain at sunset

by Jorge Córdoba

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The thing that changes with pinhole camera size is the best pinhole diameter to use. The optimal pinhole diameter is such that your pinhole-to-paper distance is the "Fresnel length" (please google for definition) of the pinhole at some representative wavelength of your filter bandpass. If you don't use a filter then you can guesstimate the sensitivity of ...


For my outdoor night time photography I use cloth sheets over the flashlights. If it's thin enough one layer will do a little color change, but 2 or 3 or 5 layers will increase the saturation of the color, but weaken the strength.


When there is no protection from light, you just have to avoid the light. A changing bag is equipment specifically developed for this purpose - you put the camera and your hands in, and extract the film by feel in the darkness of the bag.

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