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Precisely precut latherette body & magazine covers are available at 15 to 34$ at eBay. Just clean existing damaged leather(synthetic) by using paint thinner. Brush metal with zero sand paper, clean with thinner. Apply liquid gum thin coating (normally used for sticking shoe soles). Put uniform pressure on each part one by one. Dry for 3hrs. Remove excess ...


I want to make some structures, probably for a larger softbox. I remember seeing a different softbox design that is based on an umbrella, westcott has a model named apollo, the generic term seems to be "umbrella softbox". "umbrella style softbox" also yields some results. It's basically an umbrella that doesn't open as wide as a regular umbrella with ...


PIGMENT inks do not suffer from bleeding anywhere near as much as dye inks (as the pigments sit on the surface) The main problem you may face with handmade paper will be the inconsistency of the surface, which could actually reject the ink as well as being very porous in other areas. You MAY be OK (give it a go!) If not, what you need is to coat it with an ...


No direct experience but I can give you a starting point. Inkjet paper has a few special properties and your paper will need to be a layered construction to be able to support a print. Obviously you'll have the paper base. But if you just print onto this you'll get 'wicking' or spreading of the ink so you also need a impermeable layer on top of the base. ...

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