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I have succesfully used a fabric called "Taffeta" (in maby Spanish-speaking country, Tafetán). It is used for clothesmaking, so tailors and seamstresses may know where to buy or even be willing to give away small pieces. It is not expensive at all, but you may need to make a frame for it (Cardboard and pvc tubbing are my favorites. Thick metal wire a close ...


You can buy blueprint paper or make your own. It's not going to be nearly as sensitive as film, so you'll need long exposures and/or a lot of light, but with patience you should be able to make a (blue) image with your camera. On the plus side, developing the image is very simple -- all you need is a dimly lit room and water.


I disassembled once a 18-105 lens to replace broken bayonet. I could say it's a kind of a fine work but it can easily go in a wrong way and you will make the lens useless at least until you reach repairing workshop. Take a look at this video: It can probably give you an imagination how to take yourself to the ...


I agree with @claraonager: anyone in attendance gets to be a gaffer. I just found some "nano" paracord and picked up a 300-foot spool to add to my bag, but have not used it yet. Small (half-inch) binder clips pack in a small light space, easily grab a cloth, and have a handy place to tie paracord on. Look at surplus "space blankets" for reflector ...

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