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Any lens below 70mm will create a semi fish eye effect on face because wide angle lenses 50mm or below are meant to shot scenery and bend the corners back while blowing up center to fit more of the scene/room. For a face that's bad news because the nose gets big the eyes hallow and face narrow. For portraits photography you want to flatten the distance ...


Pradeep Sekar was in the right direction but is probably using an old version of Photoshop. Using Photoshop CC, here comes a step-by-step solution : Open your sphere image in Photoshop. Here an image from http://photography.tutsplus.com/articles/using-polar-coordinates-to-turn-landscapes-into-planets-and-more--photo-9998 as example : Go to Filter > ...


This is just a theory and has not been tested so I wouldn't know how the output would be. You try to invert the image 1st and then try the "Photoshop Filter > Distortion > Spherize". Do submit the results here


You're using the wrong tool to get what you want. The distortion settings in Lightroom are assuming you're using a physical lens, not a virtual one, like you do when shooting a panorama. You've basically blown past the limits of that that setting is meant to do. What you need is a more sophisticated panorama stitching program that allows for different ...

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