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There are several problems transforming the curvilinear perspective of the wide angle GoPro lens to a rectilinear one. The transformation stretches the image in certain areas and compresses it in others. This lowers the image quality as new pixels are created as approximations and interpolations from the information in the original image. There is also a ...


Try using Darktable instead. The 'lens correction' module shown above should help remove the fisheye effect. If your lens is in the database it can automatically make the correction, or if not you may adjust manually.


Simply put, the distortion isn't so much a result of the lens as it is the angle of view. Since you are seeing things that are almost directly out to the side, you are seeing them from the side rather than the front. You can apply a rectilinear correction, but doing so will result in forcing the perspective to not match up with what you are actually seeing ...


The package RawTherapee, since version 4.0.9, will use Adobe .lcp profiles. Please see: Support for Adobe LCP lens correction profiles It is available in the Ubuntu repositories.


I found the following instructions which helped me achieve what I was looking for: For my lens I found the following parameters useful: Lens type: Full frame Fisheye Focal length: 9mm Focal length multiplier: 2.2 ...

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