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You can give the images a one or two pixel white or grey frame. This helps separating the image from the background and emphasizes the image borders - usually important element of the composition. It is obviously less fancy than shadows or glows, but you may find it cleaner and easier for the user to focus on your actual work rather than page design.


In addition to Russell's excellent answer, I want to point out that there isn't just a single resolution to think about. The projector will have a single native resolution, like 1024 x 768 on old or cheap models. However, the resolution setting of the computer driving the projector also matters a lot. Many projectors will auto-scale, basically resampling ...


It might be a wrong lead, but image quality in such case may be degraded by two factors: 1) a piece of software that does a bad job while scaling (bad interpolation of shrinked pixels), visible especially in pictures with high amount of grain, or patters that are prone to moire 2) a desktop that is running at resolution other than your projector's native ...

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