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spyder2 isn't able to calibrate LED backlight displays, only Spyder3 and 4 can do. Be aware of this too.


If the display you wish to calibrate isn't part of an integrated system such as a laptop or an all-in-one then yes, you could calibrate the display with your netbook and transfer the resulting .ICC colour profile to your Win 8 machine.


Somewhere in your graphic card or monitor settings you have your RGB range set to 16-235 instead of correctly to 0-255.


I honestly can't say if my training and experience as a photographer impacted my way of viewing the dress initially. I think it did, as I immediately saw accurate color (even down to tone levels) of the dress when I first saw it and tend to correct white balance in images in my head very well, but I can't tell for certain this has been impacted by having ...


It is possible in theory, but no software I know is designed to do it. First, you can't do it in the way your lossless crop/rotate works. Lossless JPEG manipulation is possible, because only one stage of the whole JPEG compression process is lossy. As long as the pixel values in 8x8 (or 16x16) blocks are not changed, the blocks themselves can be rearranged, ...


No. The reason you can't is because all of the color information in a JPEG is already displayed when you first view it. You can remove some of that information, you can even amplify what is left, but you can't add any information that isn't already there. This is in contrast to a RAW file. When you view a RAW file you are only viewing part of the ...

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