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Kelvin temperature for my screens should be around 6000K That is uncommon, as it does not match any of the standards: photography is 5500K, DTP is 5000K, sRGB is 6500K. RGB values for adjusting the colors I guess you are referring to the RGB intensity control on the monitor. Due to different filters in different panels and different backlights it ...


Well, if there was a magic RGB setting working for all monitors in the world, there would be no need for calibration anymore, now, would there? In order to bring your display to a given temperature, you would usually use a calibration tool like the ColorHug, Spyder, or Colormunki, for example. Those will be able to measure the light emitted by your monitor, ...


Users have identified the problem as faulty sensors however the problem is not faulty sensors but rather faulty filters. It appears that poor quality control has resulted in residue in the filters which causes them to become opaque. The solution is not too difficult but is a little tricky. The fix requires disassembling the device and cleaning the crud off ...

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