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"Take a RAW photo of a real color chart outside to get a white point of D65" The simple fact that you have a blue sky will contaminate the real color chart with a blue-ish cast... making the following other steps error-prone.


Hope this helps.. I used to get a Cyan cast which is a similar kind of situation as you have here ( I think ). It turned out the measurement of ambient light during calibration was contaminated by the fact that the walls behind me were painted red. this would explain why calibrator added a little cyan to compensate for the red. You might want to do ...


I'v get a Spyder4Elite where you can choose an option to match multiple screens called "StudioMatch". Don't you have the same with the ColorMunki software? I suppose it's named differently.


In DispCalcGui go to Options->Set additional command line arguments... New dialog box should open with a list of tools. In the box that says "dispcal" enter -Q 1964_10 and see if it makes any difference. This parameter sets standard observer to CIE 1964 10ยบ, which reportedly improves the results when matching multiple displays with different backlighting ...

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