Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
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Try gaffers tape if you never need to change the diopter. Set it and tape it down. I keep gaffers tape on the bottom of my body to protect it and usually a small piece on my lenses to tape the focus down for night photography and time-lapse.


The dial doesn't lock on either of my Canons but it's not easy to knock. It's also quite easy to see the position so maybe you need to mark yours with a spot of paint. That will tell you if it's off and allow you to set it back to where it should be.


It seems to me the bad design is hanging the camera from a part that was not designed from which to have the camera be hung. Have you tried a strap that hooks to the parts of the camera that were actually designed for a strap? A tripod socket is generally engineered to handle compressive forces. That is, it is designed to hold things up (E.g. your camera ...

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