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I did a OFX plugin that does the color correction job. Please find the source code here: I will post a binary release very soon (OFX plugin that you can use inside DaVinci resolve for example). You only have to put the RGB values of the filter. Eloi.


Dedicated film scanners are generally accepted to give the best results (and highest resolution) when scanning film. However it's very expensive to buy a good resolution film scanner that will handle both 35mm and medium format negatives. Flatbed scanners, while they boast very high resolutions such as 9600dpi, in most cases are not capable of producing ...


Reference: NOTE: The actual numbers might need to be taken with a bit of salt, as do the stubborn recommendation to use Silverfast software for everything. Fact: 2400 dpi scanning of 35mm film creates data just below 8MP. Most if not all flatbed scanners have a maximum output below 2000 dpi in ...

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