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Apart from being blurry and noisy, this image also has a high contrast. Its contrast curve is steep enough that its contrast was probably boosted later, for example in Photoshop. To achieve this effect in photoshop, duplicate the current layer and set the top layer's blend mode to "Soft light". You can repeat this multiple times for even greater effect or ...


Looking at the picture: It has typical heavy digital noise. It has a slow shutter speed. Nothing is really sharp. No flash has been used, the light comes from the original scene. A very basic camera like a phone or compact would be able to do it with maybe the risk that they focus the picture correctly and end up too sharp. You may also lack iso control ...


The colour accuracy depends largely on the interpretation of the raw sensor data in software. When shooting JPEG, you're obviously at the mercy of the camera firmware, but if you shoot RAW, you can utilize different profiles in your converter software, and, for greatest accuracy, you can build your own custom profiles with a colour chart and appropriate ...


A measurement of color accuracy is the sensitivity metamerism index. Numbers are available on the DXOMark website. Interpreting the numbers is another question.


Most digital camera review sites measure color-accuracy. This is measurable in comparison between the sRGB or AdobeRGB color-space and the JPEG output from a particular camera. Where you be careful is that most sites only measure the default settings while most digital cameras can be improved greatly with adjustments. There is also a subjective component to ...


I there a way to know that? Yes. Simply try the camera. Rent it, go to a shop that allows you to take sample images or try to find example images of the camera on the internet. Please keep in mind that humans are also a big part of the chain of dependencies mentioned by @agtoever. Maybe the colors are off because the person who took them wasn't very ...


First, it's unclear to me what you consider to be "good colors". The quality of color reproduction is a complex chain of dependencies, such as white balance, filters, iso value (color noise), lens, color space, image format, monitor and printer quality, etc. Second, most photography review sites (of which dpreview is my personal first choice) have a ...

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