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There are more problems with comparing the resolution of film to that of a digital sensor. One problem is that the grain that you see is in fact not the image forming element but a form of noise. The actual elements are much smaller. Also, it matters if you look at B/W film or color film; the image in B/W film is composed of silver particles, while most ...


Along other expressions like unsharp mask etc. they are used in the digital environment in an analogus way to their classic usage. Most common is "pushing" by correcting to the plus, preferrably while "developing" (another of these expressions) a jpeg or tiff out of a raw. Correction to the minus corresponds to "pulling".


The terms push and pull are still relevant in the sense that they are still used and understood by many enthusiast photographers. But they are probably not as common as they once were. New terms, such as expose to the right describe the same concept using different words. If you underexpose when taking the shot, then you push the exposure in editing to ...

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