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When studying geometric optics we learn that the lens forms a sharp image of an object at a given distance downstream from the lens; objects at different distances will not image as sharp because their images to lens distances will be different. In other words an object at infinity ( ∞ ), comes to a focus nearer the lens than a close by object. Practical ...


I think your reasoning is correct. The problem comes from people mixing abstract terms with their experiences without actually understanding the terms mean. circle-of-confusion (CoC) (in German: "Unschärfekreis") is one of these terms. The literal translation from German means: "circle of non-sharpness" which is IMHO a better description (and the ...


To understand how a camera's pixel pitch may affect Depth of Field (DoF), you must first understand what DoF is as well as what it isn't. Regardless of the aperture of a lens, there will only be one distance that will be in focus. That is, there will only be one distance at which a point source of light will be focused to a single point on the recording ...

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