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In digital photography, ISO speed rating does not characterize sensor sensitivity. ISO speed setting on a digital camera is controlling the amount of amplification / multiplication of the signal from the sensor after the data is already captured. ISO speed does not control the sensitivity of the sensor, and is more like a "push" processing of a film, thus ...


No, digital exposure is the same, the shutter is opened for a length of time and the sensor records whatever light strikes its surface over that time, just like film. There is some technical information here: What is the structure of a photosite? One difference between digital and film is that digital doesn't suffer from reciprocity failure.


I just thought about that the other day: using ISO adjustment to explore the tradeoff between sensor gain and other settings for indoor flash photography, I recalled that 1000 speed film was really just 800 with the developing "pushed". That was the only time I've thought about the term in digital photography workflow. It seems that anybody younger than my ...


The trigger voltage you are worrying about doesn't come from the camera; it's all in the flash. All the camera does, in effect, is "flip a switch"; it shorts out the centre pin of the flash and the contacts at the side of the flash's foot. The voltage problem comes from the kind of "switch" used to short out those contacts. In (most) modern cameras, that ...

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