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Digital cameras do have an ISO rating. In fact most of them have many ISO sensitivities at which they can shoot. There are even third party sites that measure how accurate those sensitivity settings are in a lab. Here, for example, are the results for selected versus actual ISO for three of the top cameras currently on the market. (Click "Measurements-->ISO ...


First, the color balance looks plausible in the picture you post, but of course I wasn't there and I don't know what the guy's skin color really is. Second, stone is a bad gray reference unless you have specifically measured it. I think your basic mistake is assuming the stone is supposed to be gray. Since you give not justification for that, I'll assume ...


I am the one who asked the quetion originally. Now the problem is solved. I don't know how. A few days ago, I used my new pen tablet, instead of mouse, from 'another' usb port of my laptop and the preview came back. I wrote the answer because it may help someo


In principle you could, you just need an app that allows you to take multiple shots in a regular sequence without large gaps. Then you can stitch them using a software like those used for star trails. (E.g. First google hit). You will need something like a tripod to keep the phone steady. Actually, there is an app that does the job for you, it's called Slow ...


You can try using to do this. You basically load the black and white image and the color image and then select colors from the color image to paint onto the black and white image. I hope this helps you!

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