The Sleeping Giant's Sea Lion

by Jakub

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Paintshop Pro is for making pixel edits to individual photos (à la Photoshop). Aftershot Pro is for organising and making non-destructive edits to RAW files (à la Lightroom).


I don't know that camera, but this looks like a classic case of focal plane shutter artifacts with rapidly changing light. The output of the fluorescent tubes changes significantly over each 1/2 line cycle, which is at 120 Hz or 100 Hz depending on what part of the world you are in. At short exposure settings, only a part of the picture is exposed at any ...


That statement means that he/she thinks that the aperture that was used during the capture was too narrow or wide. The aperture's size affects (among other things) the depth of field and the sharpness of the image. It could also mean that the exposure was incorrect and that it could have been compensated for using another aperture size. Lastly statement ...


Any version of CS5 that you download is most likely going to be a cracked version of the pre-release. In other words a ‘late beta’, which will only be 95% there in terms of functionality. All the core stuff will work but there will be little annoyances and bugs throughout the software.If you have installed a Genuine product from Adobe it comes with the ...

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