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I have a Godox V860C light and a Godox Cells II remote trigger. OK, from this, I gather that you have a Canon camera. The Godox V860C is an eTTL-II-capable flash, so if you want to use that capability, it's there. However, the Cells II triggers are manual triggers that do not communicate eTTL information, so with this specific combination you do not ...


A partial answer: Does E-TTL work when the flash is off shoe? I don't think it does. If so, does that mean the E-TTL is pointless whenever shooting off-shoe? You need to set the 3 parts to TTL mode: the flash, the trigger, and the camera. I put the flash in manual mode and on full power (1/1). I should be in manual mode, right? If any of the 3 ...


The Best thing i could suggest is to play with not only the lighting power settings but also to use the camera in full manual where you can adjust the exposure manually. Exposure is always controlled by the camera and the light is to help increase the brightness or fill in dark areas in the exposure. When i use my flashes, its always set lights then modify ...


I would consider a shoot through umbrella that also can be used with a cover as an umbrella to reflect the light to be the most versatile. For portraits you can do a lot with an umbrella and a bare flash, of course you'll need to flash units for that. On camera I wouldn't waste your money on a Fong Bong, just make sure your flash can rotate properly and ...

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