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You, sir, are right on. What I like about your propposed setup is the simplicity, and the effectivity. You'd save space, time and money and will be able to get very, very good results. You can improve the reflactivity of your bounce difuser by choosing solid cardboard as white as possible. You can also use translucent paper with aluminum foil as a backing, ...


Absolutely! You're using this for a video setup, but it's common in still photography with strobes, where this technique is known as "bounce flash". The caveat is that strobes — like from studio lighting, from hotshoe flashes, or even from the popup flash of a camera — are very short intense bursts of light. Your lamp, and probably even your spotlight, ...


It will work after a fashion, but you'll get substantial reduction in light level when the light is reflected. In your application it may well be adequate. If you wish to use a diffuser you do not need a formal or commercial one. The paper that you intend stick on the wall could be used instead as a diffuser - it may prove too opaque, but it's easily ...


Depending on the dish shape and the diffuser material, it could conceivably make a perceptible difference if the light is used in very tight. "Beauty dish" refers to a whole host of different reflector styles, from the even parabolic Elinchrom to the step-sided Mola to a basic flat-bottomed, high-sided design that looks for all the world like a minimalist ...

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