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Martin Foot's answer is a very good one. However there are a couple of things from my experience that I could add. I've been told by some people that just a good rinsing will suffice and others say that your prints will continue (forever) to develop without it. Yes, rinse with cold (running) water is enough. Cold water will stop the development process ...


The volume of the powder is so minor compared to a gallon as to not matter in practical cases. Don't worry about it. This small error in concentration is overshadowed by other sources of error: Your ability to measure the temperature and then chose the correct developing time. Keep in mind that temperature can change over the few minutes of the ...


Short answer: No, don't dump. The difference is way too small. You wont see a big difference. Long answer: If you want to follow other "recipes" where you need to follow precise instructions (like: "develop for 8 minutes 35 seconds at 23.6 degrees Celsius, stir exactly 4 times per minute...") then it makes sense to be "equally exact" in the concentration. ...

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