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I use a stop bath simply because of the speed, I can do it quickly and then get the print washing without another waiting step. Given how very cheap it is, I think it's worth it


Developers contain several chemicals that are sensitive to oxygen. The chances are that they deteriorated a bit. D76 is not so expensive or not so special and I would recommend to get a new one. If you decide to use it anyways, check the color of the solution after you mix it together. It should be pretty much colorless. Any (likely brown) coloration is a ...


Conventional wisdom says yes, you should use a stop bath. The stop bath is a very weak acid (similar to white (distilled) vinegar) and is used to neutralise the developing agent. This guarantees two things: You can be sure that you won't have any additional development happening after the developer bath. You won't contaminate your fix with developing ...

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