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The result will be distorted colours and a negative, not positive, image. Colour negative films have an orange 'mask' that slide films do not have. The 'mask' helps give better colour reproduction. These films have separate processes for a reason.


Development by inspection is obsolete. It was used in the distant past (in other words, before about 1930) when films or plates were much less sensitive in general and almost completely insensitive to red. If attempted today, with fast panchromatic films, you will fog the film, no matter which safelight is used. Development by time and temperature is ...


apply the fixer once you're happy with the result I actually use stop bath. I assume you can't use the same chemicals you'd use normally, right? I followed Jeno Dulovits on this, basically using D23 diluted in half. Rodinal works quite good too, especially for the old emulsions. I know people using HC-110. See Antec saying "High sulfite ...


You may have heard of negatives from the beginning of 20th century, processed just recently. Much depends on the type emulsion and storage conditions. I never tried it with colour negatives, but processed some b/w German and US films from the times of WWII. The storage conditions were not so good, so I started cutting 5mm strips from the loading end until I ...


Many years ago I had a missing negative but a print produced! They lost it after they printed. But other funny details pointed to a cover up, piecing together end from a different roll. I asked online (Compuserve if anyone remembers that) and was told that photo places often messed up and hide it blaming the customer. That included posts from pros who ...


I would agree that images missing from the middle point directly to either a mechanical issue, or some other factor where the lens was blocked. A severe under-exposure could also be the culprit. In regards to your question about this possibly being an issue caused by your film processing vendor: If the film itself shows edge print - the text on the edges ...


If you are sure you took 10 photos in the middle of the roll and they don't appear, it sounds like there is a mechanical problem that prevented the film advancing and prevented the shutter opening for 10 exposures, which somehow then righted itself after those exposures. There is a slight chance it could be due to not fully winding the film on during that ...

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