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Film often fogs for two reasons; age or uncontrolled light exposure. With age, the film exhibits similar characteristics as with the first image. The fogging effect is evenly distributed throughout the length of the film. With uncontrolled light exposure (a light leak) you'll get similar effect, albeit more blotchy and often only around the edges of the ...


On the other hand I doubt advanced functions like noise reduction, local contrast or edges could be obtained through traditional film photography — and it seems quite easy to fell on the "too much" side of photo editing. There is no doubt that digital files allow much more processing flexibility than traditional silver halide film. But in this ...


One big one you can do digitally that was very hard to do with film is color correction at more than one place along the dark/light range. Unless you were doing very complicated, time consuming, and difficult masking, you could only color correct a photographically processed (as apposed to digitally processed) image at one color point. Color enlargers had ...


Actually local contrast / edge enhancement can and was done with film. Other processes that could be done with film include: cropping, contrast enhancement, rotation, colour manipulation, selective brightening/darkening, gradient filters, image compositing, dust/spec removal / ...


A 35mm film has an image size (exposure area) of 24*36 mm. Generally, you have a 2 mm gap between two consecutive image and about 5 mm on each side for the perforation. As the fixer will react on all the film, all the surface has to been accounted for. The holes should be taken into account too but you probably won't see a difference if you don't. So for ...


Nothing beats a local shop when it comes to speed. I can have my film developed in 1 hour if I want/need to in my local shop. And they know their business, not doing some nonsense with my film. I only send a b&w film to one of the big services and it was a disaster with a greenish color cast and quite expensive. Assuming the location in your profile is ...

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