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The column of the table you refer to is titled "Capacity/litre of working strength fixer" so each 1L will process 80 sheets of 20.3x25.4cm paper and 10L will, therefore, process 800 sheets of 20.3x25.4cm paper, etc.


I have personal experience doing this with a few developers, most recently Ilfosol-3 and Ilfotec HC.I would use the HC as a single-shot developer if you are pushing, perhaps you could squeeze out two uses. In experimenting with reusing single-shot Ilfosol, I noticed similar results with reusing HC that had been involved in push processing. Neither of those ...


You can use it, but it will upset your replenishment schedule. That's why they don't recommend it for reused developers. You can always treat it as a one-shot developer, though - if you have no plans to replenish a given batch (let's say it's been used and replenished already, and is approaching its limits) pushing is no problem, but getting a batch back up ...


You should research/test for your film stock. Note that TriX is about the most versatile film ever. I've pushed it to 1600 successfully, and the net has plenty of examples of it pushed to 3200. Look/ask around for what that will do to the contrast and resolution. Pushing TriX a stop will arguably have little effect if processed right. More importantly ...

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