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Push process in possible in the C-41 process This is accomplished by altering the time in the color developer. Normal time is 3 minutes 15 seconds. Push 1 f/stop increase to 3 minutes 45 seconds. Push 2 f/stops increase to 4 minutes 15 seconds. The results besides a higher ISO yield is an alteration in color balance and contrast. The color balance changes ...


I halfway agree with your second opinion. You rarely need to push a negative film because of the exposure latitude. With films available up to 1600 ISO this is rarely necessary. However: to push a color film is actually surprisingly similar to pushing a b/w film In my career as photographer I've pushed both, positive and negative films whenever ...


Difference between pushing b/w film and colour C41 film? The difference is that with black and white, you're dealing with one chemical process, so it's not a big deal to mess with the chemistry and get a fairly predictable result. With color, on the other hand, you've got three similar processes with different parameters proceeding at simultaneously, ...

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