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With regard to the depth of field, shooting though a mirror is not much different from shooting though a window. In the mirror you see a virtual image that is exactly (exceptions follow) the same as if you would mirror the camera position to the other side of the mirror and remove the mirror (and wall etc.). The key exception in this case would be that the ...


While it isn't certain that that photo was taken in a mirror (I would hazard it is likely it was taken with another camera based on the lighting.) A mirror has no impact on depth of field unless it isn't a standard mirror. The apparent distance is what is important for depth of field because it impacts the angle the light is coming from. A standard mirror ...


Here's what you're missing: that larger formats have less depth of field for the same framing, not at the same focal length. A 100mm lens is much wider on medium format than it is on 35mm film. If you keep that and the aperture constant, DoF will be identical assuming you print with the same enlargement (that is, the medium format print will be much larger). ...


In my opinion, the question does not concern 'equivalent field of view'. Therefore, I believe what's missing are circle of confusion and hyper focal distance Wiki DoF formula here. The DoF calculators take into account circle of confusion and the hyper focal distance, which decreases as the sensor size increases. As an example, 50mm @ ƒ/1.8, the hyper ...

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