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The shape of the focal plane is dependent of the optical formula. In particular the Zeiss Planar was named after its particularly flat focal plane which made it good for photography of books, but in general it looks more like your second drawing.


but the body, wings and tail are blurry, as if there's not enough depth of field Using a depth of field calculator like DOFMaster, it's easy to plug in numbers and determine how much depth of field you should expect. For example, for a camera like yours shooting at 300mm, f/4, and 8.2m from your subject, you can expect about 0.06m of acceptable focus in ...


Yes, it's possible. The depth of field beyond the subject is greater than the DOF in front of the subject. Having focused on the bird's eye you've wasted a major part of your possible DOF, because the subject (bird) is before your focus point and thus mainly out DOF. Approximately two thirds of your focus plane is "in the air" behind the bird. Next time ...


why a lens's aperture only shuts to its specified stop when the shutter release is pressed, instead of staying static at that stop constantly That's because a closed aperture would reduce the amount of light coming to your eye. The viewfinder would be dim. Try the preview button on a lens with a wide open aperture like f1.4 and an aperture setting of ...


Why is the Depth of Field Preview button necessary? With the lens wide open, as it normally is before you take the shot, you can't tell how much depth of field you'll get in the photograph. When you press the button, the lens is stopped down to the selected aperture letting you see the shot as it will be recorded, depth of field and all. For both ...


Depth of Field: We adjust focus to a specific distance to obtain a sharp image. Practical experience reveals that objects before and after the distance focused upon, reproduce acceptably sharp. This zone of acceptable focus is what we call depth-of-field (DOF). What determines if an image is acceptable as to sharpness? The lens projects an image of the ...


"Focus Area" as you call it can also be called the Depth of Field. f/1.8 will always give a very narrow depth of field and would not be desirable for large groups of people. From 10 feet away only an area 1.68 feet would be in focus when using a 35mm lens on a crop camera body. Depth of Field calculations can be complex, and will always vary with the ...

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