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There is a technique called deconvolution which can, to some extent, recover distorted or blurred image detail. Topaz labs have a product called InFocus which uses this sort of technique. It can sharpen certain images, but if you have blurred your faces substantially, I believe it would be beyond the ability of any tool to recover. Maybe on CSI :P


SmartDeblur 2.0 is a free program providing 4 distinct methods for restoring defocused / blurry pictures: Automatic parameters settings: Blind Deconvolution Deblur Manual parameters settings: Out-of-Focus Blur Motion Blur Gaussian Blur A bit slow in the Automatic Deconvolution processing phase (1-3 minutes, depending on original); subsequent ...


It almost certainly uses an image analysis technique called "deconvolution." Reading the wikipedia page on it is a good start but it is awfully technical and you might be left just knowing the name of the technique. I did read a blog somewhere where is suggested that the inverse transform that is needed for proper deconvolution can be known since the blur ...


Deconvolution basically works by undoing the light paths through your lens and remapping them through the magic of math. The best deconvolution algorithms will know the profile of your particular lens and equipment. I've seen deconvolution algorithms applied to microscopy to bring a completely different plane into focus (and consequently blur the original ...


I work in data security and follow some data security news, images with data hidden by bluring and other image manipulation are "broken" all the time. Digital filters in software work by taking the image data, doing some math on it and producing the modified image. Unlike images that are shot out of focus in camera, with digitally blured images we know ...


If you're doing this for security or privacy, the only sure way is to really mask out the faces with solid color. A sufficient amount of blur will be destructive, to the point where reconstruction techniques like deconvolution won't be effective — but if the image will be subject to scrutiny, it might be hard to judge how much is needed to be safe. Which ...


Actually Photoshop does not have a deblur feature - yet... That video was a demo at Adobe MAX 2011 of something that did not make it into CS6. However, all signs are indicating that a newer & better version of Image Deblurring makes it into the next release of Photoshop... Note it will work to correct blur due to camera shake but not to out of focus ...

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