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You've deliberately vandalised a compressed file, there is no way to recover the data except for you to put back what you've broken. Image recovery tools are built to work by taking blocks of data and getting them back into the right order; such as when the filesystem is damaged on an SD card or harddisk. They are not designed to correct the kind of damage ...


If your intention is to modify the JPEG file by changing some bytes inside it, just do the following: convert JPEG to uncompressed BMP change the bytes convert BMP to JPEG


JPEG is a file format standard for storing images. It is not a HEX file. There is no HEX encoding in a JPEG file. Your question therefore makes not sense and can't be answered. The way compression is done in the JPEG encoding scheme, there is not necessarily a 1:1 correspondence between a few adjacent bits in the file and a particular location in the ...

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