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There may not be a definitive answer. Some arguments for using fewer, larger cards: Less card swapping. When using small cards, you could potentially miss the shot because you have to swap cards. Lower chance of user error. If you have a dozen cards then keeping track of formatted cards, used cards, backed-up cards... is a disaster waiting to happen. ...


Smaller memory card requires switching cards more often, which can be a limitation. The SanDisk CompactFlash Memory Card Product Manual (available SanDisk CompactFlash Memory Card Product Manualhere : ) gives the following specifications : MTBF > 1,000,000 hours (MTBF=Mean Time Between Failure) Minimum 10,000 insertions So if you are a "regular" ...


I would say that this is a sensor issue because sensor is read line by line. If NEF files are losslessly compressed (this may be switched off IIRC) card corruption will not cause these simple artifacts and will rather cause box artifacts or whole image corruption. The ADC converter is a bottleneck which gets all the throughput. There are not much more than ...

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