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Napioa - Wind Origins
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The number of images you are shooting appears to be excessive. I worked as a self-employed professional photographer and would not shoot that number of images in a month. I had one job which required me to shoot 33,000 images in 6 weeks for a new website but in general terms, you need to apply some sort of discrimination filter to your work. If you are a ...


The process you are describing is commonly referred to as culling images. Any modern photo editing suite will have features to help you accomplish this far more efficiently than a standard file explorer. What works the fastest for me is Photo Mechanic from Camera Bits, Inc. It is extremely fast at viewing full size RAW files without any need to ...


I only post the first step of a method. Shoot less. You need to be more secure on what are you photographing and why are you photographing it. I get it, sometimes you take two exact frames because you feel the focus was wrong, or you corrected a frame. But are you taking photos, just because you were there? or are you making a bracketing just couse you ...


I use Lightroom so I answer for that. In LightRoom, I can tag them with something, and later select only tagged ones. Instead of tagging arbitrary photos, try the survey view. With the filmstrip as the only other module visible, you can quickly select a group of images to compare them. Pick your winner and go on to the next selection. You can enhance ...


XnViewMP is a freeware advanced viewer which will store all metadata in sidecar XMP files (supported by other programs like Bridge and Lightroom) and has colour labels and ratings and hotkeys. If you need to transfer the "selection" you will need to select your source folders and "update files from catalog" to store metadata permanently in .xmp files. It ...

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