Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper

Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
by andy-m                

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In Photoshop you can create a automation script that does the same thing over and over again . Now with that said your pictures should be kind of identical so the script works good . You record once what you normally do and then save the action - After that is the easy part just batch execute the action . Here is how to record it . Go to the Window ...


If you have Photoshop or equivalent, you can make an action to open each jpeg in turn, *add a new background layer in a neutral color, goto the coin layer, *select the the color of the background that the coin was sitting on when photographed, *edit the selection to make it smaller (using 'refine edge'), *delete the selection. [That will leave the coin ...


This will probably require a bit of scripting or programming. Read up on the Circle Hough Transform. Basically, it detects circles in an image. While the maths are quite complicated, you can probably find a decent library in a language that abstracts away a lot of the complexity. For instance, checkout the OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) library, which has C, ...

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