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The only decrease in quality will be the likely performance difference between the Full Frame and APS-C sensor. In general FF lenses used on APS-C cameras perform slightly better than when used on FF cameras because the edges of the light circle cast by the lens, where most of the weaknesses of a lens are most obvious, are cropped off by the smaller sensor. ...


Have you tried looking at Linux Equivalents? Depending on your needs, you might find something workable from this constantly updated list. Also online storage services similar to Dropbox, Box, iCloud, etc., offer simple image manipulation as part of their photo sharing features. They are constantly updating editing features of the sharing apps. Although ...


No, Lightroom can't do what you are asking as it doesn't provide any "measurement" tools. Even when you are cropping, you can't force a rectangle of x*y pixels and have instead to indirectly use the image size indication (if it has been activated in the option) in the corner of your image. At least one plugin in Lightroom provide more options to crop (you ...

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