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Most objectives (I have yet to see a counter-example) do not have hard fall-off at the edges because optics make it very rare case - to draw a sharp edge on the sensor an objective should have some inner part of it to be in a specific place. Every objective which you will try will draw a smooth circle on the sensor and you will only have a chance of dark ...


The only guarantee is that a DX lens will throw an image circle approximately large enough to cover a DX sensor. Some throw them a bit larger, but the only way you'll know if a given lens does that or not will be to try it. Carrying your math a bit further, the DX diagonal is 0.12mm smaller than that of the AX100. The pixels on that sensor have a diagonal ...


Here are points to consider when making choice: 1x crop sensor + teleconverter is almost never better (have not seen counter-examples yet) than 1,5x crop sensor with same resolution and technological level + same objective without teleconverter. Teleconverter is extra glass and extra glass always means some light loss, some contrast loss and some ...

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