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Do the crop math backwards. :) You went from a 1.5x crop sensor to a 1x crop sensor, so if you multiply the focal lengths for crop by 1.5, you'll get the equivalent FoV full-frame focal lengths. 18 x 1.5 = 27 105 x 1.5 = 157.5 So any lens that covers 27-157.5 (or an equivalent) will be able to fulfill pretty much the same purpose. So, in the current ...


Angle of view is actually three different angles (diagonal, horizontal/landscape, and vertical/portrait), each of which is the measure of the angle at the top of an equilateral triangle measured from the focal point of the lens (where all the light rays cross) and spanning from the farthest points (corner-to-corner, left-to-right, or top-to-bottom) across a ...


A 50mm on a cropped sensor behaves exactly like an 85mm on a full frame. The answer to your question is a subjective one as others have mentioned; it's a personal choice. I shoot both 50 & 85 but for serious portraiture and commercial work, I always use my 85.. . the silky bokeh and wafer thin field of focus work to my advantage with regard to ...


If you put the same lens at the same aperture on a full frame and APS-H camera, you will need to get closer to the subject with the full frame to have the subject the same size. As such, the depth of field in the resultant image will be shallower. If you take both shots from the spot the depth of field will be identical, but the subject will be smaller on ...

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