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Read this guide by Ken Rockwell: is totally enlightening... If you don't have time to read it, let me summarise it: do not go professional. The article a little bit dream shattering, but the sad truth is that very few people can make a living with photography (many try and most struggle), if you really like ...


Being a professional photographer is not about taking great photos. Its about running a business. It requires that you sell your services. If you are not comfortable doing sales, you are not going to succeed. Watch this video from Zack Arias, he describes what he did the first time he tried to be in the business. There is a long list of mistakes, starting ...


In my non-existent recent experience you can count on for gear ideas, on the for learning light, and with some of that new make-shift/make-do knowledge to look at amazing looking pictures from other people. And most of it cost little to nothing!


I would personally start with some basic to advanced art course on photography and some courses in business. You could probably get started even with a simple community college. I'm sure there must be generally good options around London. You could also look for local photography groups that may have training in the area that might be cheaper than a full ...

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