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She had given me verbal permission to use the photos for whatever I wanted, but now that we aren't close anymore, she has decided otherwise. This comment makes the situation a bit more hairy legal-wise. The fact is that the copyright of a photograph always belongs to the photographer regardless of the photo's subject, apart from some edge cases that ...


Assuming you are in the United States, the photographer owns all rights to images they take unless they were done under a contract that assigns those rights to someone else or under a work-for-hire agreement. It doesn't sound like in this case there was any written agreement or that the person who took the photos was your employee with the specific job of ...


They took the pictures and without any kind of assignment or agreement otherwise they own the copyright - that is the right to say who may and may not reproduce those images. In this situation, clearly they're a friend of yours to be giving you gifts so there should be no reason why you wouldn't at very least put on your site who took the images and a link ...

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