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What you are looking for is called tethering. As far as I know, no camera from the Nikon Coolpix Pxxx line can be tethered. Lightroom doesn't support it : The guys from aren't supporting it :!download/cdhg Same thing from ...


Each camera has a specific folder (and naming convention) for its files. You have to put them exactly there, and with their original names, not anywhere else. Just shoot any picture now, and check where in the file structure on the card it ends up, so you know the proper place (and naming, in case you changed file names).


Try formatting the card in their camera and taking one shot. Then put the card back to the computer and copy the images to the same folder as the one image taken with the camera. Make sure that You copy only unedited pictures shot by that camera and that there are no other extra files.

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