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ALO is nothing more than a contrast adjustment performed by the camera on the RAW data to create the JPEG. So the RAW does not contain the ALO corrections, only a flag indicating (to eg. DPP, as Michael wrote) that this setting was requested. If you want to recreate the ALO effect in Lightroom, just play with the contrast slider, or more generally with all ...


What you call originals are the preview jpegs created in-camera and attached to the raw file. These are the images that will have Auto Lighting Optimizer applied. Lightroom displays these preview thumbnails while it is waiting for your computer to generate a high quality preview of the raw file based on the current Lr settings. Once your computer has ...


A term for this kind of pictures is "high-key"-photography. These Pics are overexposed, and in post-production contrast is added (via Lightroom, Photoshop, GIMP - whatever you want.) Also, there is a lot of white (background) space (e.g. the sky), which also emphasizes the contrast. If you want to go about making such pictures on your own, I'd suggest ...


Notice the blown highlights, and in the top example at least, the clipped shadow detail. This indicates the contrast was increased to the point that both the dark and light ends, but particularly the light end, was clipped. It helps to start with subjects that have large light areas that you actually want to have clipped to full white. Examples are the ...

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