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The focus confirmation light indeed does NOT work in ai-servo mode. It would be cool if the focus confirmation dot acted like a missile target lock indicator, but it doesn't. It just tells you that the AF system has attained the best focus it can. In AF Servo mode it never reaches that point because the subject may move. How am I supposed to know if my ...


The reason the focus confirmation light does not function in AI Servo mode is because the camera never stops tracking the subject and adjusting focus as necessary. The green focus confirmation light in the lower right corner of the viewfinder is an indicator that AF has been locked and has stopped measuring focus. That's the last thing you want to happen in ...


The camera is continuously focussing, so it doesn't really make sense to indicate which focus point is active. It would potentially be changing all the time, which could be distracting, or the camera could illuminate one focus point, the subject could move and the camera re-focusses using another focus point and the user might think that when they took the ...

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