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I don't think you need to do anything special - the problem is much worse going in the opposite direction (from -20c back into a warm humid room). When going outside, you have a very small volume of humid air within the camera/lens. The camera/lens will initially be at room temperature and will cool relatively slowly, all the while the small amount of ...


A more affordable alternative is to use the third-party anti fog inserts. I've bought a pack of FogFree for my old HERO2 and still use the same inserts almost 2 years later. They work the same as the GoPro branded ones but are much cheaper. Just "bake" them to dry and you can keep reusing them. The fridge/air-con trick never worked for me.


Just try to make this transition (from +20 to -20) as smooth, as possible and as long as time allows. When I have experienced such conditions, I kept camera in its bag in a car for some time and then in the bag outside the car. And same process to bring it back to warm room. Had no problem with condensation. Also you may want to use special camera cases for ...

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