Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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I hate to state the obvious: if you cannot include it, don't include it. Don't force it, here's why: You compose for a subject. What is the subject? Father and child looking at a lizard. As long as the lizard was included in the frame, that'd be true. But it's not. The lizard isn't part of the subject. I think the subject of your image is a father ...


The rule of thumb that works for me is that intersections of the subject(s) and the frame edges should be somewhat balanced. And the age old rule that frame edges should not intersect subjects symmetrically. The first image shows no background. All frame edges intersect the subject. The only thing that bothers me is the elbow in the lower right. Is the ...


I don't have any other examples immediately, but I'll try to answer the basic question. You're hearing two sometimes-contradictory pieces of composition advice, and are trying to figure out how they relate or balance against each other: On the one hand, "fill the frame". This advice is often given because simplicity is power. It immediately eliminates ...


Best digested by a photographer that already has some experience Photographer's Eye and Photographers Mind by Michael Freeman are excellent. Photographic Composition and Perception and Imaging by Richard Zakia are great, too. For a less experienced photographers National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Secrets to Making Great Pictures is a great ...

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