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First, everything @mattdm says in his answer is basically true. There is no secret formula that makes the golden ratio or the spirals that can be derived from redacting a series of golden rectangles into squares aesthetically pleasing. Claiming the golden ratio will give the most aesthetically pleasing compositions is like saying the only form of verse that ...


First, it's really important to understand that there's no magic to this particular curve, or to the golden ratio. It's an interesting mathematical quirk, and a fascinating number, but there's absolutely no link to aesthetics, and its appearance in nature is often vastly overstated. See this answer for a (relatively) concise summary of the history and ...


Overcast photography is one of my favorite lighting. Being based in the Nordic we got plenty of overcast days. I wrote an blog post on the topic not long ago, I hope you'll enjoy it. anyone able to elaborate on ND filters and over cast days ?


What you are describing is called Dodging (to lighten) and Burning (to darken) in Photograph, techniques that come all the way from shooting and developing film. Photoshop have specific tools for doing this, but the way I like to do it is non-destructively - try using this as a guide:

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