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The question here is really "Are there third-party lenses which will work on the Nikon D3300?", which is only answered by the other "possible duplicate" question in passing, because it starts from the assumption of incompatible mount, when actually third-party manufacturers do produce Nikon-mount lenses — although Sony and Canon do not. (Sigma is the only ...


Depends on what method of slaving we're talking about and your definition of reliable. If you mean as a dumb optical slave, where the main flash burst from the 600EX-RT can trigger the flash, then all of the YN flashes have "dumb" slave modes on them. If you mean as a wireless eTTL near-infrared optical slave, then any of the Yongnuo flashes with EX in the ...


The Yongnuo YN600EX-RT is pretty much a clone of the Canon 600EX-RT and can be used as either master or slave in combination with it.


I have the mc-dc2 and it works just fine with my d-750 !!


Nikon USA lists the MC-DC2 release cable as compatible with the D750. Sellers that don't include the D750 in the list of cameras that are compatible with the D750 probably created the listing before the D750 was introduced. An example: B&H doesn't include the D750 in the list of compatible cameras at the product information page. But if you click on the ...

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