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The dedicated foot may or may not work properly with a newer camera of the same brand. Your best bet would be to get a non-dedicated version, if available for your make and model, and then use that. There are a couple of caveats, though: one is, the flash unit must have its own eye, or it will only fire at full power. If the flash is completely ...


It will work. Any EF lens will mount on any EOS camera - as long as it's not EF-S or EF-M (which the 50mm f/1.8 isn't). In addition, MP-E and TS-E lenses will also mount and work on any EOS camera.


This is old question but problem is still actual on old lenses. What you need is protocol interface which converts aperture change command from camera to lens. Please see my article at this link where is problem cause and it's solution described in detail ...


I have the Nikon F mount camera and an old Minolta Maxxum camera with two lenses, they do make an adapter that you can use to attach to the camera, but then you have the aperture to deal with, since it's automatic as well, there is no ring to manually adjust and there lies the dilemma.


The Canon 60D is compatible with both EF and EF-S lenses as it is an APS-C size crop sensor. A standard EF teleconverter will mount on a Canon 60D without a problem. I'm not sure that they are made, but if you were to find an EF-S specific teleconverter that would be an issue if you tried to mount it on a full frame camera such as the EOS 3. In your ...


Today I received a Sigma Zoom-K III 75-210 and I tested it with my Nikon D5100. Automatic modes don't work but it works in manual mode without a problem. First test shots just great, details super - well you must know how to handle not only the manual mode but also the lens setting! I am curious how the macro mode will behave.

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