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The first question to ask yourself is what kind of triggering system do you plan to use? CLS All the Yongnuo flashes with "EX" in their name can be used as a CLS slave. Dumb optical (S1/S2/SU-4) If you want to use dumb optical triggering, then all the current Yongnuo flashes have S1 and S2 "dumb" optical slave modes in them. manual radio triggers If ...


There are two different wireless systems used by Yongnuo (and other brands) to control (as opposed to simply firing) off-camera flash: Optical The on camera flash uses very short pulses of light to communicate with the receivers on the off camera flashes. Nikon's CLS and Canon's e-TTL system prior to the 600EX-RT use this system. Radio The on camera ...


Well it depends on how you wish for them to work in the first place. If you use your on camera flash to trigger them, then they will all work. If you use your existing flash with a cable, then you can use any additional ones as slaves, they will all work. If you use your existing flash on your camera, then this can work the same as the above. If you are ...

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