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I think the answer partly depends on whether you would have the time and interest in learning how to use the manual controls of a compact camera. For example, it can be very useful to be able to adjust the exposure level in difficult lighting conditions, such as an overly bright background. My phone doesn't allow this type of control; my compact camera does, ...


One difference is ergonomics. Many modern smartphones have rather large screens, and are designed to be very slim. So this may not be an easy shape to hold while taking a photo. Whereas compact camera are typically smaller, but thicker, so a better shape to hold steady in the hand. Compact cameras have physical buttons, at least for the shutter, and often ...


Here are just some examples. Low light photography You say that your main concern is low light photography. This is actually an area which will show a significant difference. On a continuum between very small sensors and large sensors, cellphone cameras are at the very bottom of the pile. Compact cameras have pretty small sensors, so they too have a ...

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