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I only have odd numbered 5Ds, but the pixel pitch is very similar between the 5DmkII and 5D mkIII so the results ought to hold up. Here's the same scene shot using a tripod under the same lighting, 1/8s exposure ISO 100, f/1.2 (using the Canon 85L). RAW, converted with ACR with the same settings (everything on zero with a linear tonecurve). I shot pairs of ...


If the choice is based over which camera allows me to produce better photos, I'd choose the 5D mark III over the 70D hands down and never look back. I regularly use both a Canon 7D and a Canon 5D mark II. When I am shooting with only one body it is almost always the Full Frame 5DII. To my eyes there is a visible difference between images made with each ...


There are two main things I can think of, the first is the autofocus. On a DSLR, the mirror reflects light on to a Phase Detect Auto Focus sensor while you are looking in the view finder. While PDAF isn't as accurate as contrast based detection (which can be done with a standard CMOS sensor) it is much faster. Since mirrorless lack the mirror, they ...


When I do such photos I alway use: a tripod to make sure the photo shows the same especially in the corners M-Mode with fix ISO-Settings to make sure exposure is same (be careful with fluctuating available light) Often but not alway I use flash and "kill" the available light to avoid light fluctuations. To analyses distortions I often use checkered ...


It's the good old question. Should I go FX or not? If money isn't an issue then go FX. Better image quality, better low-light performance, far less noise and better video quality (you never know maybe you will also get hooked on video production) and it easier to sync it with strobes so you can use it in a studio. The only downside is the weight and cost of ...


I recently had a fairly lengthy debate about the whole issue of pixel pitch, ISO performance, and aperture on the Canon Rumors forums. Suffice it to say, while I did not necessarily change my opinion (my angle on the debate was different than that of my opponent), I found the following article on "Equivalence" to be quite enlightening, and expanded my ...

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