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I literally just hold up the filter to the lens and take the picture. I'm too cheap to buy multiple sets of filters for both my DSLR and compact cameras, so I buy one larger set for the DSLR lenses and use that all the way around. I've done the same thing with my smartphone and my DSLR filters too.


Some cameras had no means of controlling anything. Some automatic cameras, however, used a small photovoltaic cell to move an internal spring-loaded "meter movement". Note that the cell could produce only a tiny amount of electricity, but that a sensitive meter movement doesn't take much. Note that the meter movement did not directly have to move anything ...


No. It will be harder. The larger sensor in the EOS M2/M3 is the same size as one in a Canon APS-C dSLR. The larger sensor size requires larger (longer) lenses, and this in turn makes for a thinner depth of field and a larger minimum focus distance. In addition to this, the M2 and M3 are only sold in Asian/European markets, and the EOS M lens lineup does ...


A reason for me, in addition to some of those you listed, is low-light (available light) performance. The reasons for doing better at that are higher useable ISO gain larger sensor advanced optical, image stabilization RAW image, 14-bit samples And in princple but not in my purchase, faster lens Though a fast prime lens may be added later. Some ...


Before I start: Past a certain point (where the camera does not limit the ability of the photographer to take the photos they want to), it is the photographer who makes a photograph good (with composition etc.), NOT the camera. This question is one only you can answer completely, however, as always, guidance on where to begin can help. Below I have made a ...


In general, I think you want something that has manual and semi-manual modes easily available so you can experiment and grow those skills, but still have full auto and be something you will carry around all the time. Certain classes of cameras have manual settings, and others have dropped them completely so it's hard to find a pocket p&s that can go ...


For your camera and many of Nikon's current and past point-and-shoot models, the Nikon EH-62F will do the trick. Many other brands offer similar accessories for at least some of their models. When the adapter offered has a plastic lump to replace the battery, it means the camera can't be powered using the USB port (if it has one) for anything except ...

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