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Monitor calibration is for standardized color rendering among displays (nominally 6500K) or between displays and prints (typically 5000K). For any single outdoor location, skylight correlated color temperature varies widely by time of day, weather and season. Those relatively short term fluctuations (e.g. between 4000K and over 10000K) are provoked mostly ...


I asked Dan to answer your questions. Here is what he wrote: "Anything prepared with color fidelity in mind is best viewed in a graphic arts viewing booth or, if none is available, sunlight or equivalent. That said, one shouldn't take a product printed on an offset press too seriously as there will be unavoidable slight variation between copies. The poster ...


Color temperature refers to the color a hot body appears, see for a complete description, but briefly, the sun seen through more atmosphere (sunrise/set, higher latitudes) looks redder, which is often called "warmer", but would be closer to the cooler 5,000 K setting. On oxyacetylene torch, by comparison, is ...


In general, lenses do not degrade in this way. However, some old lenses made up until the 1970s contain elements made of thorium oxide — a radioactive element which yellows as it ages. These were used because they have a different refractive index, with low dispersion — so, generally, better-quality lenses, just as fluorite crystal or other exotic elements ...


Nonsense. Lens glass does not generally discolor over time, and the coating is very thin. Even if some discoloration occurred, you could easily see this simply by looking thru the lens. I have some old lenses, some made before WWII, and none of them are tinted to the point where I can notice this by looking thru them. Even if some discoloration occurred ...


This isn't necessarily just of interest in photo editing — it can be useful in making strong color compositions as well. In general, yellow is the most visible and first-noticed color (random citation, but there are plenty of others) and yellow on black is widely regarded as providing the most visibile contrast. You'll often see it used for warning signs for ...


Look at the slice featute in save for web and save it as a set of tiles of reasonable size.


Don't use "save for web", just use "save as" -> "jpeg" instead. You can save it at any size you want then.


"Save for web and devices..." is all about file size management. It's hard to argue that a 45MP image (2:3 aspect ratio with the long side at 8191) is slightly too small for a web page (yet, at least). And convenience, I suppose, since it offers one-stop shopping for a bunch of things that would otherwise be separate menu options. You can use Image→Mode... ...

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