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I think searching for a script online will help rather than trying with actions,because actions will just repeat all what is recorded. But in script we can define some thing to repeat or create.


Actions in Photoshop will not pick a color from an image by itself, and then use it for the task you want it to perform. I would suggest creating separate actions for each color of the border you need. For example: Action White Border: 2px border, color #FFF Action Black Border: 2px border, color #000 Action Some random color border: 2px border, color ...


The main difference is that Aperture and most other raw converters ignore the in camera settings for things such as white balance, contrast, saturation, etc. at the time the photo was taken. Instead, each application applies what their designers considered to be a good default starting point for a particular camera. Canon's in-house products such as Picture ...


Wet silver color printing is slow, tedious, and requires trial and error to get the color balance right. I don't miss those days. Even if you want to cling to film for some reason, scanning the film then printing digitally is much easier, repeatable, and faster. My process went something like this (it's been 20 years or so): Turn off all the filters to ...


All true. Color processing is temperature dependent, and you can not process the paper with a black light, but must be done in complete darkness. For this reason, most processing is done using a processing tank, where the print is held in the tank, and light baffles keep light out, but let you pour in chemicals. Most also have a way of keeping the chemicals ...

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