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I don't know if you solved your problem, so I thought I would share what helped me. ICC Profile Version 4 is the default version for the X-Rite profiles. Unfortunately, it is not supported by all applications. This drove me crazy for a while because images that looked great in PS and Lightroom looked terrible in most other applications. Once I started ...


Carol, are you sure you have the U2414M? That's Dell's medium gamut variant of the monitor, covering about 75% of Adobe RGB. So I think that if that's the monitor you have, it's behaving as expected. See this review on TFT central for details. Dell's terminology here is unfortunately confusing, since previously the U2413 (with no M) was the wide-gamut ...


This is not the first time I have encountered this problem. So, is there a "fool-proof" color space that I can use for web? What about print? The sRGB is the most foolproof. But even with that you will see minor inconsistencies on the web due to many factors. With printing, larger profiles would provide some minor benefits, but it is best to stay with ...


I would highly recommend that you read Jeffrey Friedl's article on color spaces and photography. He links to a thread on dpreview which may have some bearing on your issue with Shutterfly. It seems that many photo sharing sites strip the color-space information from photos...


Color management aims to reproduce the same color on different devices so that there is consistency through image capturing, editing and final output generation. A good overview is available on Cambridge in Colour. Accurate color in color management means the same color, not an improved or more beautiful color. To alter or improve your colors, you need to ...

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