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How do I force Adobe Camera Raw to use monitor color profile ? You probably can't without some serious hacking, but device profiles should not be used for editing anyways. If you insist on converting the image to device profile, use ProPhoto RGB and do Convert to Profile (specifying the device profile) later in PS. I shoot in RAW. sRGB is set on ...


Is it possible to calibrate correctly and identically (or nearly) 2 monitors? Only if they're identical display types. There are many different types of LCD display, and several non-LCD display types besides. Two different display types may simply be incapable of producing the same color gamut, brightness levels, evenness of illumination, contrast, etc. ...


What I don't get is why the photo viewer window of the big screen is red while the other is grey. Is this just an issue of one windows being activated? Besides that: Be aware that the Microsoft Photo Viewer is not fully supporting color management. So when comparing I suggest you to use Photoshop. Furthermore, not every monitor has got the same color ...


You can calibrate your screens to look the best they can for showing you correct colors for photos (or as close as it can get), but it's going to be very difficult to get two totally different brand screens to display exactly the same. Try messing with the settings on the monitor itself. From what I can tell your external monitor is more accurate looking and ...


Honestly, two different monitors are always very very hard to get the same. If you really want them both to look the same, you should get two of the same monitor. This is especially difficult in your situation, where one is a touch screen (lots of wires an other bits to alter the color). Plus they are both TN panels, so the color will shift depending on the ...


Kelvin temperature for my screens should be around 6000K That is uncommon, as it does not match any of the standards: photography is 5500K, DTP is 5000K, sRGB is 6500K. RGB values for adjusting the colors I guess you are referring to the RGB intensity control on the monitor. Due to different filters in different panels and different backlights it ...


Well, if there was a magic RGB setting working for all monitors in the world, there would be no need for calibration anymore, now, would there? In order to bring your display to a given temperature, you would usually use a calibration tool like the ColorHug, Spyder, or Colormunki, for example. Those will be able to measure the light emitted by your monitor, ...

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