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You might consider a color temperature light meter. If you are a professional shooting images in industrial environments, inside and outside, then knowing the correct temperature is critical. Oh, many homes now use CFL type of lights, incandescent lights are becoming more difficult to purchase, those too project fluorescent light. Many modern digital camera ...


The Ray-Ban B-15 created for the US Air Force. These are brownish and block 100% of all UV rays and only 15% of the remaining visual rays. The most popular for general use is the Ray-Ban G-15, a green + gray pigment. The Ray-Ban B15 XLT are also green + brown but with lower density. The key fact for a filter to be distortion free is both surfaces are ...


I would like to know the name or reference number of the Ray-ban green, and whether it is possible to find a camera lens filter with that color. I suspect the color filters in sunglasses are similar to photographic color enhancing filters - a combination of them, enhancing different colors of the visible spectrum. An example of such filter is Green ...

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