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Theatrical photography is one of the settings most prone to ghosting and other types of flare being caused by a flat filter on the front of the lens. You have a few areas of intense light and a lot of dark areas around them. What happens under more typical bright scenes is that the flare produced by the filter is masked by the brightness of the scene. Not so ...


If you have to use anything then I would suggest a lens hood. The only reason for that is because of the stage lights coming down and might bounce to cause a flare. Stages, with lighting, are designed to give a certain atmosphere for the performance so any additional changes defeat the purpose of that lighting. Now, depending on your location, you may ...


UV filters are generally considered to just be lens protectors, because photo camera sensors usually have UV (and infrared) filters directly on their sensors. There is a drawback to adding any additional glass elements to the lens: ideally they don't introduce any distortion or reflect any visible light; in reality they do. In darker conditions you don't ...

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