Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper

Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
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All the other answers are correct. However there is one aspect missing: Don't expect more than what is technically possible Art is the single most demanding type of photography because it asks for colour accuracy. More often than not it is impossible to create a colour-correct print of an artwork. The reason is simple: The colours that Artists use are ...


I used to work as an assistant to a guy who shot accessions for the Corcoran Gallery in DC. He used a standard copy photography lighting technique with two Lowell D (now DP) hot lights reflected out of 60" silver umbrellas placed at 45° angles to the art on each side of the camera with their throw pattern overlapping a bit for greater evenness across the ...


The gear actually isn't as important in your situation as the workflow to preserve color accuracy. The main issues you'll need to consider are: Accurate white balancing when shooting. This typically involves shooting in RAW format (so you need a camera that shoots in RAW) with some type of color reference in the frame--something like a WhiBal or ...


Some general recomendations. 1) The resolution of the file. You need at least 150 ppi for this. At 3 ft you need 3x12x150=5400px on the long side. So you need a 24Mpx file at least. 2) You want a sharp lens. Try a Prime lens for this. The longer focal length the better becouse you reduce barrel distortion. Lets say an 85mm. 3) Good ilumination. a) You ...


I don't think compansation is a good choice - maybe Krylon Acrylic Satin Finish ?


There is a match color setting in Photoshop . Open image 1 then image 2 (make certain both images are in RGB mode) . Choose Image > Adjustments > Match Color... and select image 2 from the Source pull-down menu. Match Color reads the color statistics from Beach Sunset and applies them to image 1 . Now this only does colors match . In your examples there ...

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