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One main reason color gels are used on flashes is to match ambient lighting so that white-balance correction doesn't become a post-processing nightmare. When you use a flash, the color temperature of the light that comes from the flash is often different from that of the ambient lighting. And the mixed sources of lighting will both hit the same subject and ...


If light colors don't match (or you don't want them to match and they do) then you can't correct for this in post. Lights interact with each other and there is no good way to tell which light is contributing where in a reliable and automatic manner in post. This means that you can not adjust the color characteristics of an individual light after shooting. ...


Yes, their main purpose is to have different colors on different lights. However in the vast majority of cases (if not always) you simply cannot reproduce this setup in post. The human eye is quite good at detecting natural light falloff and it will detect the things which are Photoshopped, especially if we talk about a setup with multiple lights (we ...


From my point of view - or how I use my gels - there are two main usage points: Adjusting a color to get a color effect. For example make your flash-light red/green/... to get a interesting background color spot. Adjusting flash color to the color of ambient light, so that your picture have only one color of light. If you have different light-colors in one ...

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