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If you want the color correct, I think the only answer is a color checker. You will find a wide variety of these small targets that contain a set of different color squares. You put the target in the scene or have somebody hold it and take one photo. You then take other photo's without the checker. When processing your images, you correct the image that ...


It is possible in theory, but no software I know is designed to do it. First, you can't do it in the way your lossless crop/rotate works. Lossless JPEG manipulation is possible, because only one stage of the whole JPEG compression process is lossy. As long as the pixel values in 8x8 (or 16x16) blocks are not changed, the blocks themselves can be rearranged, ...


No. The reason you can't is because all of the color information in a JPEG is already displayed when you first view it. You can remove some of that information, you can even amplify what is left, but you can't add any information that isn't already there. This is in contrast to a RAW file. When you view a RAW file you are only viewing part of the ...


The Spyder 3 Elite has a built in ambient light sensor which will measure the colour and can tell you what white point to use, you can then set your screen to match that and then run the calibration process. The manual should explain how to use/enable that feature since you've paid for it.


If you want your monitor to show how the colors will appear in a properly calibrated print, then you need to set the white point to D50 (full spectrum centered at 5,000K) and view the monitor in a glare free environment with D50 lighting at around 2,000 lux. If the lighting environment in which you are viewing the monitor is different than D50, you should ...

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