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Ouch... You have a nightmare scenario. I'm making some initial questions just as an excercise of posible scenarios. 1) You know the color of the samples... but Are the ilumination angles the same? 2) Is the response curve diferent between shoots? 3) Do a linear editing of the curves enought? or should I modify the gamma of each channel? How about the ...


Is there a tool (preferably to use with Photoshop) that can do such color calibration? Try looking at iCorrect EditLab Pro It has a feature to do exactly that. Here is how to add a "Memory Color" - I'm picking one of the colours from ColorChecker reference rendition to sRGB, the "purple", and after ...


You can do this manually if you know what the color is supposed to be. It is similar to the process of calibrating to a neutral sample. The results will not be as accurate as if you use a grayscale, especially with mixed color lighting. You should work from a RAW file if available. First, set a best guess white balance. Measure the known color in your ...


All digital cameras not only correct tone and color, they actually create it. Digital cameras are calibrated to sense light and produce an analog electronic signal which is converted to a digital signal with a digital to analog converter. Almost all digital cameras are calibrated to produce a signal with a linear relationship to the original scene ...


iOS does some correction behind the scenes, yes.

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