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Napioa - Wind Origins
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The more samples / swatches you have the more accurate your device characterisation will be, as a matter of fact X-Rite has the ColorChecker DC for that: X-Rite samples / swatches pigments are fairly stable although their lifespan is usually 2 years, it can be shorter or longer depending how heavily ...


Including a white balance card in a test picture of the rug should help greatly (card in same light as the rug). Then you simply click the white balance tool on that card to remove any color cast from the lighting. Apply this correction to all session pictures (in same lighting). This of course assumes all of your lighting is of the same type, no mixed ...


Using a color reference card, like an X-Rite Color Checker, may be something to add to the workflow if it's not already being used. Having a reference against which you can correct the color values helps with getting the color consistent and accurate, vs. correction via eyeballing. Creating camera profiles with the reference card is also very useful, ...


Why do SLRs and DSLRs use different flash gels? They don't. I have heard that the full CTG works well with film SLR, but something about the color sensitivity of DSLR means that they require ½CTG instead, and likewise for ½CTO. Is that correct? No it's not about the sensor vs film. Different film did however had some slight colour renditions ...

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