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-6.173 is definitely not within the range 0 to 1. Am I doing something wrong? If not, what should I do with such a value? The values that are outside of the 0..1 range are values that are out of gamut of the target sRGB color space - i.e sRGB can't describe them. So even though -6.173 seems like a huge value to ditch, it needs to be clipped to zero. If ...


You are not clipping the intermediate RGB values. From the sRGB Wikipedia article you linked to, The intermediate parameters R, G and B for in-gamut colors are defined to be in the range [0,1], ... The linear RGB values are usually clipped to that range, with display white represented as (1,1,1) From the W3C sRGB spec you linked to, ... XYZ are ...


After some searching around I found the following information that a user posted after being frustrated that Capture One only supports ICC profiles but X-Rite creates DNG profiles: From I discovered that if you are using Capture One, all you need to do is photograph the Munsell Color Target and use the Auto Color ...


There is one piece of software that I know of that can handle it: BetterJPEG. I have downloaded the latest trial, and, as it says on its web page can do lossless full-image color and brightness correction. The tools are crude compared to what is available in Photoshop, just a couple color sliders (red/cyan and blue/yellow) and a brightness slider. And ...


You can pretty much ignore the baffles. Just duct tape a CTO gel sheet/s to the inside of the softbox between the two diffusers. Been meaning to play with this for a while and it works nicely. I used a white lit background, set a custom white balance to cancel out the CTO and the background turned a lovely, evenly lit blue. Also used a grid to keep the ...

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