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To me (US-based tech support for graphic artists), that does sounds a little odd. The number of copies and size of print says big inkjet printer to me and most of those types of printers prefer RGB input as the printer itself will convert RGB to whatever color system it uses internally (which may be more colors than just C, M, Y and K). Technically and in a ...


An oldie question but here I go. A total NO will be my answer. 1) I could be picky on this first point. A RGB value normally can be on a 256 level scale. A CMYK percentage can have "gaps" if you define them directly. Although it has 256 levels internally you have a 100 level scale when you are defining CMYK values. 2) Ok Let us forget that first point. ...


Starting with the display: If your computer display is not calibrated, you cannot be certain of what you are being shown by your display. Neither do you know what sort of colour space you are attempting to emulate. After calibrating the display, the printer should be calibrated to the identical colour space. The display is so vital that many people fit a ...

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