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So, actually, the preflash is a two-way dialog between the control flash (in this case, built in to the D7000) and the remote units. There's a reverse-engineered )and several years old, so possibly slightly out of date) explanation of the protocol by Alson van der Meulen. (The site is offline but archived.) Basically, the control flash fires a minimal ...


An SB800 master and SB600 slave is one option, another is using radio triggers like PocketWizards (expensive) or PT-04s (cheap) and trigger the flashes. The former will give you ETTL capabilities, while the latter won't, unless you go for the newer PWs, the Mini and Flexes. Another way is to use the pop-up flash to trigger a flash with a built-in optical ...


The SB-700 is the current replacement for the SB-600. Technically it is slightly less powerful, guide number 28M rather then 30M as in the SB-600. But the tradeoff is that the SB-700 is faster, at a rated 2.5s recycle time as compared to the SB-600's 3.5s. This is a tradeoff, but a welcomed one if you ask me. Some other features or improvements include: ...


Some things to check: Make sure custom setting e3, Flash cntrl for built-in flash (Menu > Custom Settings Menu > Bracketing/Flash > e3) is set to CMD↯ Under setting e3, Group A should be set to TTL or M. The SB-600 doesn't have a thyristor sensor, so A won't work. Make sure your compensation or power isn't set so low that you can't see much light. Under ...


You can absolutely use other triggering mechanisms, but the wireless part of the CLS uses the on-camera flash. One way that's cheaper than the PocketWizard route is a cable. Refer to Strobist's Lighting 101 Series for hints on connectivity options. If you're using Commander mode, did you set the on-camera flash to -- (essentially off)? From what I can ...


The popup flash is being used as the master to trigger SB600 which, when used this way, is actually being fired by the preflash of the popup. Basically, the SB600 detects the light of the master and when it does, it fires. Edit: As a note, there are radio based triggers that can do this without the need for the popup. Nikon is very well supported in this ...


When you say your current remote triggers don't work, I'll assume you mean the CLS system, which is and infra red system built-in to those flashes. The Nikon CLS system, being intra-red, only works if the flashes are in the line of sight of the camera. If they are around a corner, or behind your group of people the signal will get blocked. You can improve ...


In CLS, you organize your flashes into up to three groups (A, B and C; this is not the same thing as control channel). Each group is treated like a single flash. For groups set up to operate in TTL mode, during preflash, each group is metered separately (by camera, or by master flash in non-TTL auto mode), required power level is determined and during ...


I recommend the SU-4 mode if you are going for the cheap and manual. But, going with SB-800 or SU or SB-900 with any slaves working with TTL also has its wonders. A little out of the box suggestion, why not get a used D80? It's probably cost as much as a new SB-900 - but it has a built-in commander!


Simply, No. I have a D600, and a set of 3 photix odins (nikon) and 3 sb600s. The commander fits on top the D600, but the cameras built in flash only incompletely opens and will not flash with the odin on top. The Odin commander does allow full CTS with three flash groups, and remote zooming of your flash (so it is an improvement on the Nikon inbuilt CLS with ...


Line of sight optical triggers are well known to fail on occasion. Even Joe McNally occasionally has the IR of his CLS system fail. I've seen his gear fail in person. David Hobby, the Strobist, even made a "commercial" with Joe where they make fun of the IR systems failing. The serious pros use Pocket Wizards. It looks like a lot of them use the ...


As a rule of thumb, stuff attached to hot shoe will obstruct pop-up flash from opening and/or firing. For the setup you described, Aokatec AK-TTL is to my knowledge the only radio trigger designed to work with (and even depend on) the control signals fired by built-in pop-up flash.


My speedlight transmitter has a ratio function. Ratio can be set between A and B flashes and the still be used in ttl. There is also a c channel which I guess you could use for hair light.


I've got the same setup working without any issues by following the instructions in the manual. But what is crucial, you have to open up the integrated flash. My Settings:


I've assumed that you're probably only talking about triggering as it's unlikely that there is anything out there that can do a CLS to generic TTL. You have several options depending on what other equipment you're shooting with. Use a PC Sync cord to hotshoe adapter from a PC Sync socket on your camera or flash that is being triggered by CLS. Use a cable ...


No, but both Metz and Sigma offer flashes which are compatible with the Nikon wireless flash system. They work differently — Sigma's acts as a controller, while Metz's works as one of the slaves, controlled by the on-camera flash. I don't think you're going to have any options with the flash you have. While there are now some radio triggers (from ...


Yes, using a SB800 and SB600 will work!


Another option that I use the Hahnel Wireless Remote when I want more distance. It does not support TTL so you have to be full manual on your flash. I use this with my D90 and SB600 combination.

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