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I once encountered a D50 that had managed to get the mirror stuck in the up position. The mirror had gotten just skewed enough to hang on the side of the light box. It was a very delicate task to get it unstuck without damaging the mechanism that retains the mirror when locked up or for longer exposures. Damage that latch and the mirror will droop into the ...


It is imperceptible, either as direct movement or blur. Source: I removed the lens from my Fujifilm X-series mirrorless camera and activated sensor cleaning. The rear LCD says "sensor cleaning", so I know it's not disabled in this case, but even straining my eyes and concentrating, I can't see anything.


That's much too fast (1-2 orders of magnitude) to see as movement, though you're right it could appear as a blur. I did an experiment as a kid using mirrors attached to old speakers and bouncing a laser pointer off them to produce Lissajous figures. The speakers were run at audio frequencies (probably middle C and an octave or 2 higher) and the figures ...


No. It's fine; I can't imagine why there might be a problem. Automatic sensor cleaning generally works by shaking the sensor a small amount at high frequency. This doesn't get anywhere near the lens (at least, not more than the sensor already is). I guess it's mildly possible that some dust might end up transmitted to the rear element of the lens, but that's ...

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