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Does this camera happen to be the Nikon D800? It's not quite consistent with the common 'oil/dust spots' as can be seen here, yours are more squiggly. But these have (as to my knowledge is Australia) have a warranty fix for it. The repair centre may be right, however it's important when they told you. If it was: When you gave it to them and gave them ...


It sounds like you need to do wet cleaning. Use some lens cleaner fluid and lens tissue to clean the surface of the lens' front element. Wet cleaning will remove the deposits of dust that were present and were more or less glued to the surface of the lens by the moisture from the frost. Trying to remove such dried on deposits using dry cleaning methods such ...


Sounds like this are leftovers from water condensation. Try a few rounds of breathe-and-wipe cleaning with reasonably firm pressure and the stains should go away. Lens coatings these days are pretty durable and I don't think that they are destroyed by 18F temperature.


No expert at all here, but it sounds as if the coating of the lens was damaged by the removing of the frost.

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