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F-Stops matter most when you care about knowing your composition and depth of field, T-Stops matter most when you care about knowing your exposure. Photographers want to control composition first and adjust exposure as needed. Cinematographers need to control exposure first and then compose as needed. The critical difference with photography is that we can ...


To add to mattdm's great answer: In addition to the added exposure precision, which is not important to photography, T-Stops are LESS precise in other ways which ARE important to still photography. F-stop is the literal proportion of the aperture to focal length. T-stop adjusts this for exposure, but this raw value is important to depth of field. Depth of ...


Because in cinema, it's common to change lenses within a shoot while preserving identical exposure. This is rarely important in still photography (and even less so with the flexibility of digital). You might say But t-stops are more accurate, allowing me to be more precise! — and that's basically right, but the main thing is that precision is overrated in ...

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