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It is only a very slight over-simplification to describe lateral chromatic aberration as the situation in which different colours produce pictures of slightly different sizes. Seen in that light, it's merely a matter of adjusting (slightly) the image size in one or more channels so that everything comes back into registration. In this article on The Online ...


Transverse chromatic aberration: The focal length a measurement, lens to image plane, when imaging a far distant subject. The camera lens is a converging lens. Light from an object at infinity enters the lens as parallel rays. The lens bends these inward. The path of the image forming rays trace out a cone. The camera is focused. This adjusts the distance, ...


Since the cloth is white, and the other colour is black, you could simply desaturate( remove all saturation) at whole region of cloth. I've done the same multiple times


Would stop down the aperture help? If the type of chromatic aberration you're talking about is longitudinal (front-to-back) and showing up as purple fringe, then stopping down will absolutely help reduce or eliminate the issue. Also controlling exposure so there are no blown highlights. Purple fringing is especially prominent when using a fast lens ...


Avoid high contrast, especially bright backlit subjects If you have high contrast, keep it away from the edges. CA is worse around the perimeter of an image. Always look at the perimeter of an image in post — you'll find it more than you think. Avoid shooting a zoom at either the closest or furthest focal length. These tend to multiply the effect as the ...

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