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Chromatic aberration comes about because the index of refraction of the glass used in the lens varies with frequency. You would expect the first order effect to be linear with frequency, but of unknown sign, so you could have red inside or outside, violet outside or inside, with green in the middle. Different glasses have different variation of index with ...


The strip of colour near the centre of the image is the result of what is known as lens flare. This occurs due to light directly from a bright source within, or just outside, the field of view being reflected between the lens elements, and so producing a patch of (usually yellow/orange) light that doesn't appear to belong. To replicate the effect, point ...


So, that's not chromatic aberration, it's lens flare or halo. This is usually caused by shooting with the sun in front of the lens, but not directly in the image, resulting in reflections within the lens system creating that halo effect. Learning to control that in an artistic manner takes some practice, but done well it can produce a nice effect. In any ...

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