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AJ is correct here. What you are seeing is the result of motion blur as both the satellite and the aircraft are in motion relative to the ground (the desired target of the photo). Those pretty pictures you see in Google Earth and elsewhere are the result of red, green, and blue filtered images combined into what is called a "Multispectral" image (MSI), named ...


If you are sure you want to apply it to all photos, the easiest method is to create a Preset which you then apply at import. To do so: Open any photo in the Develop module Enable Chromatic Aberration settings as desired In the left hand palette, click the + next to Presets Name your preset and ensure that only the CA correction settings are checked Click ...


To answer the question in the title: Because not every photo has chromatic aberration, and therefore not everyone wants to enable the fix. Also, since automatic defringing looks for fringe colors to remove, it may actually desaturate parts which are of this color but not fringed, even though this is not very likely. So you would need to go to the menu ...

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