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You will need more light and use a fairly fast shutter speed, a tiny bit of blur might be desirable (to show them running, flailing around), opening the Aperture will reduce the DOF. I imagine the lowest cost is desirable, open your curtains on a sunny day. A multi-use alternative is to buy a portable Halogen flood light from the hardware store ($10): ...


All of the above answers would be a great choice. If you're able to spend 300-400 on a better lens it will be the best choice for sure. A speedlight will be one of the cheapest solutions. If you have white ceilings just point the speed light toward your roof. Also, taking out noise from high iso is easier to take out than exposure issues in post processing. ...


The answer @eftpotrm gave is pretty comprehensive, but let me highlight the single piece of advice that is by far the most likely to give you the desired results: Get a lens with a large maximum aperture, like f/1.8 !! The smaller the number, the better, but f/1.8 is the best that's typically available at a reasonable price. It's going to be a prime lens ...


You can't have your cake and eat it. Use Aperture priority mode at maximum aperture (smallest f stop) -that lets in as much available light as possible. The shutter speed you get will then be a function of ISO (sensitivity). Without additional light you just have to juggle these 2 as best you can - but you can't get both. I.e you need to choose between: ...


Your exposure is a function of - The amount of light reaching the subject (with the quality and direction of the light allowing you to control the effect) The shutter speed (too long leads to blurring as you've seen) The aperture (wide lets in lots of light with shallow depth of field, narrow the reverse) The ISO (like an amplifier dial on a hifi - ...


Increasing the ISO is the obvious choice, since you can't lower the shutter speed or use speedlight. So grainier pictures are inevitable, but at ISO 800 - 1600, it may not be so bad in real viewing distance.

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