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It depends if you want to kill your camera. I wouldn't trust the bags, particularly the cheap ones. Fairly reliable ones might work, but they are harder to reliably test since they rely on zippers and velcro rather than o-rings and pressure seals. They are more designed more to protect against surface usage where the camera may get splashed or fall on the ...


For the differing light temps, use colored sheets ("gels") made for that purpose. I set up continuous lighting for photography years ago, since the primitive digital camera couldn't handle studio strobes, and my wife wanted to shoot food and cooking things: it's easier to get the light right if you can see it the way it will be, and move things around. For ...


Optical slave flashes are somewhat finicky because most cameras with a builtin flash have one or more pre-flashes, for red-eye reduction as well as to help with focusing and exposure metering (e.g. Canon's E-TTL). A simple optical slave will trigger on those and then be unavailable for the main flash. There are two way to tackle this problem: Turn off the ...

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