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It depends. My last camera only connected at USB1.1 speeds, so was slower than using a USB2.0 card reader. However, if your camera can do USB2.0 or you have a USB1.1 or USB1.0 card reader, you wont see that benefit. You can get Firewire or ExpressCard card readers for CF cards, which are faster than USB2.0, (and I think generally limited by the speed of ...


Reasons to use the memory card: A good card reader will be faster than your camera's data cable (a cheap card reader - not so much) When you use the camera data cable you also use the batteries, I had an old camera that really drained the batteries when using the data connection (a set of batteries lasted a few days of shooting or about 30 minutes of data ...


This depends on a number of factors but, in general, it would be true. The primary reason is that many readers are not attached via USB and so are not limited by the speed of the USB bus and are also not sharing the bandwidth of the USB bus with other devices. However, if your CF reader is USB, it wouldn't likely be much faster, if at all. Anyways, it can be ...


The image was corrupted by random bytes of information being lost in the data transfer. You can tell because each time information is lost, the image shifts (because pixels end up missing as it fills each line). It's also not an even number of pixel information since some of the times that information is lost, it causes the color information to get shifted ...


If you don't want to drain your battery every-time you transfer the files from your camera, then you should use a card reader. Directly connecting your camera to the computer to transfer pictures, drastically drains the battery.


I have a cheap ebay one (couple bucks?) that had 150x written on it. It read/writes my SanDisk Extreme III at 20 MB/s, even when the auction says it is much slower. Originally found out from a slickdeals thread where they did speed tests. Still going strong after a year. The non 150x one I got is much slower at around 3 MB/s.


I bought a really cheap (about $5 iirc) SIIG usb card reader at Frys Electronics. The MSRP is $17, but it was much cheaper in store. It works really well with sdhc cards. Normally I get these types of items at, they have a great selection and good reviews.

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